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Artwork - JR - GIANTS


Contemporary artist, Paris

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When it comes to social change, JR is a first responder. His presence is peaceful, powerful, and intimate, though he rarely removes his sunglasses. The French-born photographer, filmmaker, and “urban artivist” is known for his community-based projects. JR believes in the power of art, which he uses to present new perspectives, connect people, and engage audiences.

As an artist focused on complex social issues, artist JR pastes portraits in communities around the world. With roots in street art, JR's murals serve as important conversation
starters that build awareness about the injustices in our world. From the favelas in Brazil to the Israel-Palestine Separation Wall, JR brings dignity to the faces in these different places.

JR begs the question, Can Art Change the World?
Moco thinks it can.

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