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Artwork - Icy and Sot - Let Her Be Free

Icy & Sot

Contemporary Street artists, Iran & NYC

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Icy & Sot

ICY & SOT are two Iranian activist-artist brothers who fled the persecution and censorship they experienced in their home country. ICY and SOT aim to reveal the truth through creativity and expression. Regardless of the hardships, the newfound freedom of Icy and Sot has lit the fire to create more art, ready to cut the next stencil.

The art of Icy & Sot opens a window into a world where children run free, women have full control over the choices in their lives, and there
are no guns, no borders, no hierarchies, and no war.

The images created by ICY & SOT were animated by the curiosity and playfulness of children who had not yet experienced the full restriction of daily life in Iran. Works by Icy & Sot include: Dream, Let Her Be Free, and Color Rain. “We felt that people would easily relate to subjects we addressed if we used children to talk about them. We addressed issues like child labor, censorship and the violence of war.” - Icy & Sot

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