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Hayden Kays

Contemporary artist, London

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Hayden Kays

Born and raised Londoner, Hayden Kays steps onto the world stage, representing a new generation of Pop artists. He walks in the footsteps of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin,
and other Young British Artists. Hayden Kays is a painter, sculpture and printmaker that blurs the lines between street art and traditional visual culture.

“I’m only able to change my world. Art can open doors, Art can really move you, Art has got me here, Art gets me going." - Hayden Kays

He embraces the power of written words and creates art that opens doors and opens our minds.
The contemporary artist uses his modern wit to reflect on society and free the judgments that might collect in the corners of closed minds.

"I believe in Art, it’s just skeptical of me.”- Hayden Kays

Through his art, Kays comments on the capitalist culture that rules the world. His reflections are sarcastic and absurd but always most certainly revealing a truth.

Discover the satirical maxims that have captivated the world. Furthermore, take a piece of the artist home with exclusive Hayden Kays art for sale in the Moco Gift Shops.

"Everything that happens, happens because of love" - Hayden Kays

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