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Contemporary street art artist, London

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British street artist Banksy has become one of the most iconic artists yet remains anonymous. Banksy art - both permanent and temporary - uses satire, dark humor, and irony to create social, political, and humanist messages for the world. The elusive street artist applies a signature stencil technique to create a style that is instantly recognizable. Banksy is largely responsible for propelling the guerrilla nature of street art into the mainstream as a popular form of art.

Not authorized by Banksy, nor was it curated in collaboration with the artist – Moco Museum creates an homage to one of the greatest artists of our time. In Barcelona and Amsterdam, Banksy is exhibited at Moco Museum, which features a diverse selection of works throughout a noteworthy career. All exhibited works have been provided with a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control - the only official entity that verifies the art of Banksy.


Battle at Beanfield


Girl with balloon


Current exhibitions

Artwork Banksy Beanfield


Laugh Now

Not all artworks are always on display.

Our collection exhibits artwork on loan and from the Moco Collection. We keep our exhibitions ever-evolving, so every visit is a fresh experience. Occasionally, this means some artworks online are not always on view in the museum. We appreciate your understanding.

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