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Artwork - Stik - Little Friend


Contemporary street artist, London

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Stik is a London-based street artist who uses his universally recognized human figures to connect with communities around the world. In the early 2000s in East London, Stik was a graffiti artist.

"When I started painting in the street I soon found out that using just six lines and two dots was the quickest way to paint a human figure without getting caught. The figures I painted were an expression of my struggle to find shelter in the city." - Stik

The street artist even makes it a point to personally touch up works on location when possible. Stik is a self-taught artist who has gone from homelessness to becoming one of the most beloved figures in the art world.

Now, Stik’s artmaking has gone global. In addition to graffiti, Stik creates painting, sculpture, and editioned prints, which have fetched six-figure prices on the secondary market. To this day, Stik upholds a commitment to social justice inside and outside his studio.

“Street art was my way of giving back to the people who helped me.” - Stik

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