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Contemporary artist, NYC

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Brian Donnelly / aka KAWS

Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS) was born in 1974 in New Jersey, USA. He started as a graffiti artist, and now, he is one of the most remarkable and beloved artists of our time.

"I liked the fact that it didn't exist. It wasn't a thing, just sort of lettering that worked. I liked the sound, like a short strong mark.”

KAWS art involves, but is not limited to painting, sculpture, furniture, fashion, toys, even cereal boxes. The contemporary artist brings elements of fun, illustration, and pop culture to museums everywhere. KAWS' paintings abstract the familiar with twists and turns in mixes of bold color and sharp lines. Characters and figures by KAWS dissolve into our imagination. He is the master of collaborations, working with Uniqlo, Sesame Street, Star Wars, and his clothing line with Sacai - the list can go on and on. KAWS is proudly exhibited in both our Barcelona and Amsterdam museums.

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Artwork Kaws What Party Grey Detail 2

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