Mike Mazzella:

Pearl Jam said it’s good. I agree.*****

Federica d’Aniello:

Bello! È stato emozionante vedere e sentire le opere di Banksy con l’audioguida. Da vedere.*****

Kat Wong:

MOCO MOCO!!! Def a must to visit with it’s class of collections. *****


Piccolo museo sulla street art, in particolare sulle opere di Bansky e di Icy & Sot. *****

Alexandra Tanasa:

If you love pop art and current art, you will fall in love with this museum. *****

Igor Gorbenko:

Not a fan of museums, so decided to visit just one, hit jackpot. *****

Lainey Red:

Small museum showcasing some amazing street art! The Banksy exhibition was the highlight of my visit. *****

Dalbert Leal:

Awesome museum! My wife and I absolutely loved it. There is such an amazing collection of artwork that I could stare at for hours. Not to mention the staff were some of the nicest people we met in Amsterdam. *****

Иван К:

Для тех, кто любит Бэнкси – стоит обязательно посетить. Очень много известных работ. Бонус – очень крутой гифтшоп. *****

Mathilde Onk:

This modern art museum in Amsterdam is one of a kind and blew me away!