About Mocoverse

The Mocoverse, an NFT platform that shines a new light on art and NFTs. NFTs represent the future - not limited by time or space - and limitless is what we like! The possibility to create is endless, and we are ready to fly.

The Mocoverse is powered by 3 Cs - Curation, Charity & Community. We are inspired and empowered by our global Community. So, we want to take things further. For our Community, we collaborate with top-tier artists in the industry to Curate exclusive collections of art, so selecting the best is easy.

The beauty of NFTs and our new system is that it gives power to the people. The sustainable Mocoverse platform is opening a gateway for Charity - a connected network from wallet to wallet. Wherever you are, you can change the world. We are honoured and grateful that many of the most successful artists have already joined us on this journey. By collaborating on drops that will directly benefit refugees, we put the world-changing power of art into action. We hope to see you in the Mocoverse.


Moco is committed to Movement On The Ground (MOTG), a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life for the global refugee population and establish a new blueprint for humanitarian aid. Our founder, Kim Logchies-Prins is a proud member of the board.

MOTG supplies direct aid to men, women and children who have been forced from their homes due to climate change, poverty and war. They provide shelters, generators, rescue, medical equipment, food, blankets and clothing. MOTG is also changing the game by building communities and spaces where refugees feel empowered and included in the running of services and projects. Here, both the host and hosted feel valued.

Moco passionately endorses this revolutionary, bottom-up approach to humanitarian work and invites you to get involved in this vital cause that offers a sustainable and creative response to the refugee crisis.

Question & Answer

What is Mocoverse
Since 2021, Moco Museum has been the proud host of one of Europe's first dedicated exhibition spaces to the NFT phenomenon in both Amsterdam and Barcelona. As a forward-thinking museum sharing the latest innovations in art, it is only logical that Moco steps further into the digital realm. Moco Museum has launched its very own NFT platform: The Mocoverse.

Through this platform, members of the global Moco Community will have access to an exclusive NFT collection curated by Mocoverse. Those who join the Mocoverse are part of a community that - through art and charity - collectively moves towards making the world a better place.

As Mocoverse and as Moco Museum, we launched our very own Moco NFT, an NFT that grants you lifetime access to the Moco Museum, exclusive events, rare drops and giveaways.
Why should you be part of the community?
The Mocoverse is powered by 3 Cs - curation, charity, and community. With our network of world-class artists and NFT collectors, Moco takes a journey deep into the NFT space. We collaborate to offer the world a distinctly curated collection of NFTs. In every collaboration, we partner with big names and proven NFT artists. The Mocoverse provides a community of genuine art lovers.
The Moco NFT
The Moco NFT, a highly anticipated digital collectible, was officially released on 28 June 2022, featuring a limited edition of 410 copies. This unique NFT creation was skilfully designed by the renowned artist collective, Six N. Five, known for their captivating and innovative visual artworks.

To celebrate the launch of the Moco NFT, a series of exclusive events have taken place. One such event featured the collaboration with the talented musician and artist, Don Diablo, who brought his distinct style and energy to the NFT world. Additionally, we’ve had exciting giveaways and NFT drops in partnership with talented artist Pilar Zeta, further enhancing the allure and desirability of the Moco NFT.

The Moco NFT represents a groundbreaking fusion of art and technology, offering collectors a unique and immersive digital experience. The Moco NFT has garnered significant attention and interest within the NFT community and beyond, solidifying its position as a notable and sought-after digital collectible.
What are the benefits?
The Moco NFT is not only a beautiful NFT artwork, designed in collaboration with renowned Barcelona-based studio Six N. Five – it’s also a utility coin that holds a wealth of untapped potential and experiential benefits. For holders, the Moco NFT is an evolving piece with ever-expanding, exciting extras. Think… access to exclusive drops, special events, giveaways and lifetime access to our museum.
Which charities do we support?
Charities (such as MOTG) embody a value underpinning Moco Museum’s collection of art: empowerment and unity of people through adversity. We believe in the power of the people, and together - with our audience and our artists - we can make this world a better place. Our founding motivation has always been to see the world so enlightened that peace and unity are inevitable.

Movement On The Ground:
Moco is committed to Movement On The Ground (MOTG), a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life for the global refugee population and establish a new blueprint for humanitarian aid . Our founder, Kim Logchies-Prins is a proud member of the board. We donated 10% of our Moco NFT sales to MOTG, helping our community to make the world a better place.

Moco passionately endorses this revolutionary approach to humanitarian work and invites you to get involved in this vital cause that offers a sustainable response to the refugee crisis.

Other partners are META kids & GOL.
How to access Moco Museum with my Moco NFT
As a Moco NFT Holder, you can enter Moco Museum for free! You have two options to do so: Through the Tokenproof app or through Nifty Gateway.

Option 1: Tokenproof.
Download the Tokenproof app on your App Store. After that you can simply log in with your MetaMask wallet, and you are all settled. Tokenproof generates a qr-code for you, that is scannable for our museum crew.

Option 2: Nifty Gateway.
Download the Nifty Gateway app on your App Store. After that you can simply log in with your Nifty Gateway account. You can now go to your profile and select the settings icon. You have to choose now for “Access Pass”. The Nifty Gateway app creates a QR code that our museum crew can scan.
What is an NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. Whilst a cryptocoin like Bitcoin is fungible, any Bitcoin can be replaced by another; they are all the same. An NFT is a unique digital object that implies ownership. So, when you buy an NFT, it becomes your property until you decide to sell it. If someone copies your artwork by downloading the image, they do not technically own the artwork. That is because the ownership of your NFT is registered on the blockchain. You can buy NFTs with Ether (ETH), Algorand, Matic and other blockchains. But first, to buy an NFT, you’ll need a wallet.
What is a wallet?
A wallet serves as a secure digital repository where individuals can store and manage their NFTs (non-fungible tokens). One of the most widely used wallets in the NFT space is "MetaMask," which has gained popularity and is supported by nearly every NFT platform.

In the case of the Moco NFT, it is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the leading blockchain networks for NFTs. This means that each Moco NFT is uniquely created and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and ownership. To access and interact with the Moco NFT, users can utilize their MetaMask wallet, which provides a seamless connection to the Ethereum blockchain.

Nifty Gateway, an exclusive NFT platform, is the chosen marketplace for the Moco NFT. Nifty Gateway offers a user-friendly interface and a reputable platform for buying, selling and trading NFTs. By minting the Moco NFT on the Ethereum blockchain and partnering with Nifty Gateway, we have ensured a trusted and established environment for collectors to engage with and enjoy the Moco NFT.

With the combination of MetaMask as the preferred wallet and Nifty Gateway as the platform for minting and trading, the Moco NFT offers a seamless and secure experience for collectors to own and showcase their digital art within the vibrant NFT ecosystem.
How to buy an NFT
You have the freedom to purchase NFTs using various cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH), Algorand, Matic, and others. Different NFT marketplaces operate on different blockchains, offering a range of options for buyers. Among these, the Ethereum blockchain stands out as the most popular choice.

For our Moco NFT, we chose to mint it through Nifty Gateway, a renowned marketplace that focuses specifically on art and verifies the artists before allowing them to mint their NFTs. This ensures a curated selection and removes the noise that can be found on other marketplaces.

We selected Nifty Gateway not only for its robust blockchain infrastructure, which allows for easy transfer of NFTs to different Ethereum platforms, but also for its user-friendly payment methods. On Nifty Gateway, not only can you pay with cryptocurrencies, but also with your debit or credit card, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Nifty Gateway offers a seamless purchasing process. Simply browse through the available NFTs, select the one you desire, and proceed to make an offer or participate in a live mint event. There’s also the option to use the Nifty Gateway App, ensuring accessibility for users across different devices. With its emphasis on accessibility, ease-of-use and security, Nifty Gateway was the obvious marketplace choice as we open up Mocoverse to both experienced collectors and NFT newcomers.
What is a blockchain?
Blockchain is a type of database in which transactions can be stored. They can be any type of transaction. In one case, they are payments in digital currency. On the other hand, the blockchain stores important data exchanged between two parties like a contract or proof of ownership.
What are gas fees?
The gas fee is the amount one must pay as compensation to validate a transaction on the blockchain. Computers (computing power) and electricity are used to validate transactions. By paying for gas, you pay the providers of the necessary computing power and electricity.