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Bcn - Artwork - David LaChapelle - Jesus is my Homeboy: Last Supper


Contemporary Masters

Legends & Risings Stars in Contemporary Art

Contemporary Masters, Barcelona



Moco's Contemporary Masters represent the future of art, artists making their mark for an enduring legacy of inspiration.

Moco Barcelona celebrates Contemporary Masters - artists, who we believe, stand out for their exceptional contribution to art, culture, and the world at large. Modern art that inspires us to question the world and hope for a better future.

As the voices of tomorrow, their art engages our inner activists, activates our experience, and empowers us to lead with love. Moco Contemporary artists challenge the norm and move us to self-reflect and question the world around us.

Moco Contemporary artists impact our surroundings, from politics and the environment to society and pop culture - they’re not just joining the game, they’re changing it.

In art we trust.

When it seems that our divisions make breaking news and our differences publicly broadcasted, Moco's Contemporary Masters bridge these gaps to tell a story of many becoming one.

For centuries, the conventions of traditional Western art history have limited representation and shaped how we look at the portrait of power. Contemporary African-American artist Kehinde Wiley reconceptualizes history and depicts a diverse portrait of black identity. His entire body of work is an essential document of the power, versatility, and the beauty of the black community while addressing our complicated socio-political landscape. With these works, Kehinde Wiley awakens complex issues that otherwise remain untold.

Wiley moves us to question the world around us and think, what does it look like to be proud, graceful, and noble?

Moco - Kehinde Wiley - Sleep - Kim & Lionel Logchies

Kehinde Wiley with Moco Founders Kim & Lionel Logchies

Bcn - Artwork - Kehinde Wiley - Sleep - 1

Kehinde Wiley


Kehinde Wiley statue
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Curious Minds Welcome

What is the meaning of life?

Damien Hirst
struggles with this fundamental question, as we all do. In the contemporary
artist's search for understanding, Hirst brings together themes about death, art, science, and religion. The Immaculate Heart - Sacred connects these themes and points to the growing importance of science as a resource for providing answers to life's big questions. Damien Hirst asks us, is there a place for the sacred in our modern society? If so, what objects will we classify as sacred?

Artwork - Damien Hirst - The Immaculate Heart Sacred

Damien Hirst

The Immaculate Heart - Sacred

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Damien Hirst

The Immaculate Heart - Sacred

We use the power of art to challenge the norm, champion the truth, open up minds, and question the world around us.

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Art for All

Moco Museum creates accessible shows and exhibitions that enlighten, inspire, and empower the community.
As a result, Moco has quickly become a leading destination for art lovers
around the world.

As the name suggests, modern and contemporary art makes up the Moco Museum Collection. Works currently on display and from past shows include Kehinde Wiley, Damien Hirst, David LaChapelle, Hayden Kays, Mungo Thomson, Julian Opie, Takashi Murakami, Nick Thomm, Yago Hortal, and more.

Within our collection, Moco exhibits a diversity of contemporary art. For example, Mungo Thomson engages with how time is archived and immortalized through pop culture media. As we live through pandemics, wars, and historically-defining moments, we may ask ourselves: what is my place in this world, and how can I change the universe?

Experience the Contemporary Masters at Moco Museum Barcelona - Get swept away with Yago Hortal or corned in a cave of color and rhythm with Nick Thomm. Let Hayden Kays wake you up with his hard-hitting Fact and shift your perspective with David LaChapelle in his contemporary take on The Last Supper.

Bcn - Museum - Hayden Kays - Fact Website

Hayden Kays


Artwork - Yago Hortal - SP123

Yago Hortal

SP123 (detail)

Screenshot 2023 01 10 at 18 07 29

Voice of the Streets

Moco embraces the voice of street art because it connects people, challenges ideologies, and activates involvement. In Barcelona, Moco Museum has made it a point to exhibit works from artists who encourage conversations about our world and shared existence. For example, Osgemeos take on a dedicated exhibition room for a fully immersive experience. Meaning 'the twins' in Portuguese, the bond between these Brazilian brothers is unlike anything else. The street artists/international sensations are heavily influenced by pop culture, music, and folklore. They use vivid colors and a mix of textures to create dreamlands inhabited by mellow yellow people. Get the surround sound experience with works like Irie Voice, Moon, and Horse.

Moreover, the work of Invader welcomes visitors to Moco Museum Barcelona with the artist's most ambitious work - Rubik James Bond Girl. Ever since the first Bond Girl made her debut in 1962, the iconic, cinematic legacy has evolved with our times.

Moco Museum Barcelona embraces contemporary street art voices to reflect our modern times with more works by Ben Eine, Town and Concrete, and others.

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Artists in this exhibition

Artwork - Damien Hirst - The Immaculate Heart - Sacred

Damien Hirst

Contemporary Artist, London

Artwork - Kehinde Wiley - Sleep

Kehinde Wiley

Contemporary artist, NYC

Artwork - Mungo Thomson - December 28 2020 (Joe Biden and Kamala Harris)

Mungo Thomson

Contemporary artist, Los Angeles

Artwork - Takashi Murakami - Pink River

Takashi Murakami

Contemporary artist, Japan

Artwork - David LaChapelle - Jesus is my Homeboy: Last Supper

David LaChapelle

Contemporary artist, NYC

Artwork - Julian Opie - Ruth Walking in a Ball Gown

Julian Opie

Contemporary artist, London

Bcn - Museum - Hayden Kays - Fact

Hayden Kays

Contemporary artist, London

Artwork - Nick Thomm - Metamorphosis

Nick Thomm

Contemporary artist, Melbourne

Artwork - Yago Hortal - SP123

Yago Hortal

Contemporary artist, Barcelona

Artwork - Invader - ALIAS SP-52


Contemporary Street Artist, Paris

Artwork - Os Gemeos - Irie Voice


Contemporary street artist, São Paulo

Artwork - Ben Eine - In art we trust

Ben Eine

Contemporary artist, London

Artwork - Town and Concrete - Pyramid Connect

Town and Concrete

Contemporary artist, Paris

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