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Hebru Brantley The Great Debate

Hebru Brantley

Contemporary artist, Chicago

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Hebru Brantley

Hebru Brantley, an innovative contemporary artist, masterfully blends various mediums, including painting, sculpture, murals, and installations. His impact on the art scene forges a powerful narrative that echoes through urban culture. Brantley's work unites elements of Afrofuturism, pop and street art to create vivid, imaginative realms that are both nostalgic and forward-looking.


Drawing inspiration from comic books, Japanese anime, and the key figures of the Harlem Renaissance, Brantley’s art is a refreshing contribution to postmodern visual storytelling. Within comic book history, few characters of colour exist. Brantley’s creation of Flyboy and Lil Mama was driven by a desire to fill this void and stand tall as symbols of hope, empowerment, and resilience.


Brantley's oeuvre is saturated with recurring motifs and symbols, such as goggles, wings, and vibrant colours. His collaborations with brands like Nike and projects involving NFTs showcase his continuous exploration of new artistic frontiers, gaining the attention of influential figures like Jay-Z and making Hebru Brantley a key figure in today’s contemporary art scene.

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