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Tom Wesselmann

Modern artist, NYC

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Tom Wesselmann

Pop Artist Tom Wesselmann assembles a vibrant contemporary experience through his bold use of colour and form, isolating symbols of 1970s Americana. From white picket fences to a kitchen stocked with the country’s most trusted brands, Wesselmann creates critical collages of everyday images that deconstruct and reassemble the American Dream.


From painting and collage to sculpture, Wesselmann’s work is an explosion of graphic elements. Wesselmann first gained significant attention in the early 1960s, alongside contemporaries such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, contributing to the active Pop Art movement.


At this time, Wesselmann dived into a mesmerising exploration of sensuality. Inspired by the suggestive ads of the era, his works played on themes of consumerism and desire, echoing a culture that objectifies women to captivate audiences. His Great American Nude series - comprised of 101 works made between 1961 and 1973, transforms traditional nudes into almost abstract forms, captivating viewers with intense hues and dynamic lines.


Always pushing creative boundaries, Wesselmann explored laser-cut steel drawings and shaped canvases, expanding his artistic reach. His legacy endures through his colourful interpretation of modern life and commercial aesthetics.

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