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Richard Prince

Contemporary artist, NYC

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Richard Prince

Richard Prince the artist is a master of appropriation, borrowing images and phrases to craft new works that challenge the boundaries of authorship and originality. Through a diverse practice involving photography, painting, and sculpture, the art of Richard Prince transforms visual media from popular culture into provocative art pieces. 


“The pictures I went after, “stole,” were too good to be true. They were about wishful thinking, public pictures that happen to appear in the advertising sections of mass-market magazines, pictures not associated with an author…It was their look I was interested in. I wanted to re-present the closest thing to the real thing.”


As a photographer, Richard Prince rephotographs advertisements and altered images have become emblems of contemporary critique.


Richard Prince explores the intersection of popular culture and fine art. He creates pieces that test the limits of intellectual property and artistic innovation - often stirring controversy with works such as the repurposed advertisements of the iconic Marlboro Man, a Cowboy as role model and sex symbol that rides as a spirited symbol of masculinity in America. This breakthrough positioned him alongside leading figures like Cindy Sherman and Barabara Kruger of the Pictures Generation, a generational group of artists in the early 1970s whose work set out with critical analysis of media culture. His art often equips a sarcastic, rebellious humour that captivates audiences and critics alike such as, ‘I never had a penny to my name, so I changed my name.’ & ‘MY PARENTS KEPT ME IN A CLOSET. UNTIL I WAS FIFTEEN I THOUGHT I WAS A SUIT.’.


Richard Prince's work resonates beyond the traditional art world, influencing fashion, music, and literature. He has collaborated with brands like Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Continually pushing the envelope, Prince injects a critical analysis of our current relationship with visual consumerism and online platforms like social media and influencer culture, maintaining his relevance in an ever-evolving artistic landscape.


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