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Artwork - Pilar Zeta - Sunrise

Pilar Zeta

Contemporary digital artist, Miami

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Pilar Zeta

Argentinian-born artist Pilar Zeta currently resides in the United States, working as a Multimedia (NFT) Artist & Director. She is known for her signature artistic style, which she describes as mystical futurism. With her minimalist body of work, Zeta creates spaces where the past and future are engaged to offer alignment and a way to connect with our vision.

Ideas that drive her concepts: searching for the ability to be present in order to manifest a future self. As a result, her works are both a metaphor and a physical space that calls on the viewer to explore the built environment - one must walk through a corridor to arrive at a sculptural egg - the most primal and beautiful symbol for creation.

Her work is strongly influenced by ancient traditions, cosmology, and metaphysics. Zeta creates spaces in which the past and future are acknowledged and engaged. Surreal landscapes that are minimal with a signature bold use of color.

Her work has caught the creative worlds by storm collaborating with artists such as Coldplay, Kim Petras, Katy Perry, and Camila Cabello.

As an extension of Moco Museum, Mocoverse champions the power of art to enlighten, empower and inspire communities. We proudly support female artists, and when Moco first met Pilar Zeta in Miami Art Week 2021, it was instant love. Pilar Zeta is a fierce pioneer, combining the physical and digital in art. She shares our spirit to create art for everyone.

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