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the New FuTure

NFT Exhibition

the New FuTure, Barcelona



One of Europe's first dedicated exhibition space to the NFT phenomenon.

the New FuTure

A unique digital art exhibition based on blockchain technology. You might wonder – what is NFT art? The exhibit features a selection of rare art NFTs in Amsterdam & Barcelona. Moco is one of the first museums in the world to share NFTs and digital art examples with the public in this way.

the New FuTure
is part in collaboration with the world’s most prominent collectors of blockchain art such as 33NFT, an anonymous collector, pioneer, and radical curator in the evolving field of NFTs.

Moco has also previously collaborated with work on loan from RFC Art Collection, owned by Pablo Rodríguez-Fraile and Desiree Casoni.


About NFT's

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are crypto-assets that record the ownership of digital items. NFTs are unique and rare items that cannot be easily reproduced. Even though anyone can view or download them, only the buyer can claim ownership.


Moco Museum invites you to discover a new NFT Room dedicated to this rapidly-changing art space with digital art examples from the most prolific names. As a museum, Moco strives to represent innovation while exhibiting and advocating for visionary and individual interpretations of our world. Dive into the metaverse and discover the wildly unlimited creative potential of NFT art.

The exposition includes: Pak, Six N. Five, Beeple, JR, Andrés Reisinger, Refik Anadol, Pilar Zeta, Takashi Murakami, and more.

Colors that tell time, a traveling circle that reflects our consciousness, a charitable act that calls on our humanity, and a poetic vision of Earth's neighbor are all expressions of blockchain art. Each digital art piece exhibits the shifting trends in art and how contemporary artists beg us to wonder exactly: what is digital art?

Experience the new exhibition at Moco Museum Barcelona that is devoted to blockchain digital art.

Moco Museum is one of the first museums in the world to create and drop its own NFT.

Moco NFT

The Moco NFT is a revolving symbol that represents a New FuTure - where curation, charity, and community, reveal a connected reality. Simultaneously, Moco Museum launched its own NFT platform, the Mocoverse. Everyone can join the Mocoverse Discord, where they cover topics like 'how to make NFT art', 'how to sell NFT art and buy it', and share digital art ideas.

The museum’s NFT is designed in collaboration between Moco x Six N. Five, the Barcelona-based creative studio pushing boundaries with digital art. Other manifestations of our continuous collaboration – from the digital to the physical – include the Net Jets Lounge at Art Basel and the Moco Concept Store in Barcelona.

Moco x Pilar Zeta
dropped two NFTs, Egg of Now and Field of Visions as Moco’s first curated drop on Nifty Gateway (NFT art marketplace). Everyone can still see the works of Pilar Zeta on the Mocoverse and in the Moco Concept Store in Barcelona.

Pilar Zeta Portrait1

Digital Art in Barcelona

The New FuTure exhibition in Barcelona – curated by Moco Museum – includes work by artists such as Andrés Reisinger, Daniel Arsham, Six N. Five, and Pilar Zeta.

The Moco Museum NFT exhibition (the New FuTure) is a must for experiencing the most cutting-edge capabilities and artistic expressions in digital art.

Next door to Moco Museum Barcelona is the Moco Concept Store. There, visitors can explore the immersive and bespoke retail experience surrounded by limited edition collectibles from modern and contemporary masters, NFTs, and other types of digital art!

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Not all artworks are always on display.

Our collection exhibits artwork on loan and from the Moco Collection. We keep our exhibitions ever-evolving, so every visit is a fresh experience. Occasionally, this means some artworks online are not always on view in the museum. We appreciate your understanding.

Artists in this exhibition

Artwork - Andres Reisinger - Hortensia Chair

Andrés Reisinger

Contemporary digital artist, Argentina

Ams - Museum - Daniel Arsham - Eroded Patches

Daniel Arsham

Contemporary artist, NYC

Event - Six N. Five - Art Basel

Six N. Five

Contemporary digital artist, Barcelona

Artwork - Pilar Zeta - Sunrise

Pilar Zeta

Contemporary digital artist, Miami

Screenshot 2023 01 10 at 13 40 36


Contemporary digital artist, Unknown

Artwork - Beeple - Into the Ether


Contemporary digital artist, North Charleston

Artwork - JR - GIANTS


Contemporary artist, Paris

Artwork Refik MH Mars Collectors Edition

Refik Anadol

Contemporary digital artist, LA

Artwork - Takashi Murakami - Pink River

Takashi Murakami

Contemporary artist, Japan

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