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Artwork - Blake Kathryn - Bedroom Bliss - Paris

Paris Hilton

Contemporary digital artist, US

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Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress turned business woman and self-proclaimed '#bosslady' sold her first NFT - an iPad drawing of her cat Munchkin in August 2020. Once again, Paris Hilton is ahead of the curve. When COVID-19 struck, she recognized the importance of the digital realm and NFTs played a powerful role to inspire people during their darkest days – especially creators. Aiming to become an authority in the NFT space, she immersed herself in the 'game'. She did her research, fuelled by podcasts and conversations with industry leaders.

In the way that Andy Warhol was obsessed with pop culture, Paris Hilton is absolutely obsessed with NFTs. She even created an NFT-focused Instagram account, published blog posts ('I'm Excited About NFTs — You Should Be Too'), and presented her own podcast 'What the Hell's an NFT'. Moreover, she even named her dogs, two tiny teacup Pomeranians, after her current obsession: Crypto and Ether — funny, yes, but downright hilarious is the fact that Hilton's fiancé's last name is Reum and when Ether and Reum are put together you get Ethereum — a nod to the infamous blockchain. In April 2020, she sold her own official NFT collection in collaboration with artist Blake Kathryn, for over a million dollars. More recently, last summer she revealed she has invested in NFT platform Origin Protocol!

Head here to read an interview with the NFT-bosslady!

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