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Lorenzo Quinn Reflecting My Heart In You

Lorenzo Quinn

Contemporary artist, Rome

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Lorenzo Quinn

‘The hand holds so much power – the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy,’ argues the Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn. As a maestro of mediums, excelling in sculpture, installation, and environmental art, Quinn's art bridges classical and modern styles, creating powerful, emotive works that explore the human condition. Quinn often reflects themes of love, faith, and the passage of time, embodying a profound philosophical depth. He is inspired by the beauty and complexity of the human form, frequently depicting hands mid-reach towards connection and creation.


His public artworks emphasise the artist's commitment to addressing global issues like climate change and social justice through his art. One of the most recognisable Lorenzo Quinn sculptures, is his piece at the Venice Biennale titled "Building Bridges." This work features six pairs of gigantic hands reaching out from the water, coming together to form six arches to represent humanity's universal values: Friendship, Faith, Help, Love, Hope and Wisdom - coming  together to overcome differences and build a better world. With each piece, Lorenzo Quinn continues to push the boundaries of sculpture, combining technical mastery with a heartfelt message.

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