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Artwork Banksy Beanfield



Laugh Now

Banksy, Amsterdam



The 'Laugh Now' exhibition is not authorised by Banksy nor it is curated by the artist. Moco Museum features a diverse selection of original works throughout Banksy's noteworthy career.

All exhibited works have been provided with a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control - the only official entity that verifies the artist's work. Moco Museum Amsterdam exhibits iconic works by Banksy: Laugh Now, Girl with Balloon, Flower Thrower, Smiling Copper, Crude Oil series, and many more.

Selected iconic signatures from a diverse body of work that celebrates the voice of the streets. Explore the critical mirror he holds up to modern society as monkeys, rats, police, and elements of surveillance entice you to reflect.

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Banksy - Laugh Now exhibition

Moco Museum Amsterdam

Banksy in Amsterdam at Moco Museum

Anonymous. British. Street art. Need we say more? Banksy is one of the most influential artists of our time. Next to that, the elusive street artist has developed an incredible, recognized body of work that carries a political punch! The street artist and activist uses satire and dark humor to unpack topics like anti-war, anti-authority, and environmental and socio-political issues.

As a result, Banksy’s heavy impact on this world unites humans and art lovers - as the street artist’s work connects our collective consciousness. Banksy is a living example that art can change the world.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” – Banksy

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Detail of Beanfield by Banksy street artist at Moco Museum Amsterdam


Beanfield (detail)

AMS Banksy Beanfield detail


Beanfield (detail)


One of the cornerstone pieces of the exhibition is Beanfield, measuring 2.5 x 3.5 metres. Although it has not been displayed since 2009, Beanfield remains an important work in the street artist’s oeuvre, as it encapsulates the artist's signature, activist spirit.

“Graffiti is just a form of protest art and it has more truth than most of what’s going on in the art world.” – Banksy



Girl with Balloon on metal

Girl with Balloon & Other Icons

Ultimately, Banksy is renowned for his street art. From large-scale murals to quiet, emotional pieces like Girl with Balloon - on view at Moco Museum Amsterdam. Banksy’s art can be found in streets and museums all around the world.

“Be positive, patient, and persistent.” – Banksy

Banksy uses monkeys to remark on what's hilarious and hypocritical about being human. Perhaps monkeys parallel Banksy's rising journey as a street artist - from alleyways to museums? Before, his art was regarded as nothing more than vandalism with style in a world where there were rules, boundaries, and strict definitions of art. Now, street art has arrived and Banksy is the most regarded street artist in the world.

So who's laughing now?

Street art Girl with Balloon by Banksy Moco Museum Amsterdam


Girl with Balloon on metal (detail)

221201 60


Girl with Balloon on metal

Moco Celebrates Banksy

The Laugh Now exhibition joins authenticated artworks made by Banksy for the indoor art market. In detail, many of the works come from private collections and collectors that would otherwise remain unseen. Laugh Now is curated to give visitors an encyclopaedic overview of the anonymous street artist’s diversity in skill, technique, and use of materials.

We are proud to highlight the wonders of street art in our museum, holding an exhibition space for the iconic graffiti that lights up walls and minds alike. Come and see Banksy in Amsterdam!

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Smiling Copper by Banksy in Moco Museum Amsterdam


Smiling Copper (detail)



Smiling Copper Panel A

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Banksy Laugh Now exhibition

Moco Museum Amsterdam

Not all artworks are always on display.

Our collection exhibits artwork on loan and from the Moco Collection. We keep our exhibitions ever-evolving, so every visit is a fresh experience. Occasionally, this means some artworks online are not always on view in the museum. We appreciate your understanding.

Artists in this exhibition

Ams - Museum - Banksy


Contemporary street art artist, London

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