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Artwork - Keith Haring - Telephone - Detail

Keith Haring

Modern artist, NYC

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Keith Haring

Whether you were crossing the platform, changing trains, or minding the gap, bold drawings declared: Keith Haring was here! No passenger was a stranger to the art of Keith Haring. His Subway Drawings of the late 80s in New York City are original and speak to a world that's hip and streetwise, creative, spontaneous, and loving.

The Pop Art Graffiti artist used empty advertisement blackboards throughout the subway system because their unusually matte surface was perfect for quick chalk drawings. Keith Haring's Subway Art is simplistic as it expresses a mix of performance and instinct. These black and white artworks are meant be enjoyed by everyone.

To this day, the meaning of Haring's art is championed by a powerful code of symbols like Radiant Baby, Bat Demon, Angel, Barking Dog, Smile, and More!

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