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Chris Levine

Contemporary artist, London

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Chris Levine

Canadian contemporary artist Chris Levine is a master of light, exploring the realms of laser art, holography, and immersive installations. Levine’s art blends cutting-edge technology with spiritual and meditative elements, pursuing the infinite possibilities of light in art.


In his quest to capture the essence of pure light, Chris Levine has pioneered techniques that push the boundaries of visual art. His notable works include iconic portraits, such as Lightness of Being, a holographic image of Queen Elizabeth II that captures the ethereal quality of light and presence within the royal monarch. With each portrait, Levine guides his subjects into a meditative state, inviting them to gaze into soft lights, take in the soothing aroma of candles, or hum along to resonant vibrations. Each experience is tailored to the individual, enhancing the intimate connection between the subject and the artwork.


Levine’s works are filled with recurring themes of illumination, perception, and transcendence, pursuing the infinite possibilities of light in art.

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