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KAWS, Barcelona


Part of Contemporary Masters

"I liked the fact that [KAWS] didn't exist. It wasn't a thing, just sort of lettering that worked. I liked the sound, like a short, strong mark.” - KAWS

Born in 1974 in New Jersey, USA, Brian Donnelly aka KAWS chose his creative nickname based on the visual interaction between letters.

KAWS has one of the most diverse artistic practices of any contemporary artist, with examples proudly exhibited by Moco Museum in Barcelona and Amsterdam. Graphic, vibrant paintings, sculptures, collectible artworks, and unique design pieces mix elements from nostalgic illustration to pop culture. There is a wide range of work to be discovered by KAWS in Barcelona.

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Bcn - Artwork - Kaws - Companion (Passing Through)


Companion (Passing Through)

Bcn - Museum - Kaws - Final Days - 1


Final Days

A Grand Welcome

Final Days by KAWS is the unmissable highlight that officially welcomes you to Moco Museum Barcelona. The hatless Kurf character is inspired by the cartoon Smurfs. Interestingly, the monumental Final Days is sculpted from afrormosia, a historic African wood that is believed to hold spiritual energy. The hefty, richly-colored character towers above us with outstretched arms: Welcome to Moco!

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Artwork - KAWS - Better Knowing


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Five Star Fun

In classic KAWS fashion, wild zoomed-in views of our favorite cartoon characters like Snoopy, Spongebob Squarepants, Smurfs, The Simpsons, and even the Michelin Man appear at Moco Museum Barcelona.

The fun continues with a Moco favorite, Man’s Best Friend Sofa, the product of collaborative genius! Inspired by Japan’s respect for pure craftsmanship, KAWS partners with Estudio Campana, continuing his dedication to making his art - in all its forms - fun for the public!

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Bcn - Museum - Kaws - Room

Companions For You

Although he started out tagging bus stop advertisements with a strong trademark of Xed-out eyes. Now, KAWS is one of the most remarkable and beloved artists of our time.

There are many highlights to be discovered in our rotating collection of incredible works by KAWS. But, there's more, and they're waiting for you in the Moco Store! Start building your own collection with Moco's selection of limited edition collector's items - Passing Through Black, Passing Through Brown, Companion Flayed Grey, Small Lie Black, Along The Way Grey, & more! Come see, collect and fall in love with KAWS at Moco Museum.

Learn more about the the history of KAWS Companion!

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Not all artworks are always on display.

Our collection exhibits artwork on loan and from the Moco Collection. We keep our exhibitions ever-evolving, so every visit is a fresh experience. Occasionally, this means some artworks online are not always on view in the museum. We appreciate your understanding.

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