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Digital Immersive Art

Studio Irma / Les Fantômes / Six N. Five

Digital Immersive Art, Barcelona



Digital skills and immersive experience technology are developing at lightning speed.

The world public has embraced this new art medium as it supports new ways of connection. Moco Museum supports an immersive approach to create multi-sensory environments that elevate and empower your museum experience. Step inside, and let's connect!

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Immersive Art

In the 21st century, digital capabilities and immersive experience technologies develop rapidly. As a result, we look to a new transportive movement within the art world - Immersive Art. But what exactly is the point of immersive art exhibitions, and why do we crave them more and more?

So, let's break it down - what is immersive art? Simply, it's the creation of a world or environment around a visitor or audience, constructed in a way that makes them feel part of or an inhabitant.

Submerge in Digital immersive Art

For the Young and Young At Heart

Furthermore, immersive art experiences are more memorable. The evolving museum model proves to be important as younger generations (millennials and Gen Z) share their experiences more often and more widely. Moco Museum's exhibitions embrace an immersive approach, creating multi-sensory environments that elevate the museum experience.

What makes immersive art experiences possible and diverse is new media art technology. Around the world, contemporary artists express endless capabilities when it comes to immersive digital experiences. Moco Museum Barcelona is proud to embrace and share the latest innovations in art and technology. Visit us and discover the boundless worlds of digital immersive art.

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Six N. Five

Ezequiel Pini, the visionary artist behind Six N. Five, is an award-winning Argentinian designer based in Barcelona. For the past decade, he has redefined digital art by harnessing 3D technology to create dreamlike realms defined by modern purity. Pini's vision manifests across various mediums, diving deep into digital and physical spaces, distinct designs, evocative narratives, NFTs and limited collectables. His signature style of poetic composition and elegant execution establish Six N. Five as a leading figure in digital and contemporary art and design.

The work of Six N. Five transcends time, illustrating moments and memories that expand the horizons of CGI and digital expression. At the forefront of a creative revolution, Six N. Five breathes new life into the digital realm.

Not all artworks are always on display.

Our collection exhibits artwork on loan and from the Moco Collection. We keep our exhibitions ever-evolving, so every visit is a fresh experience. Occasionally, this means some artworks online are not always on view in the museum. We appreciate your understanding.

Artists in this exhibition

Artwork - Studio Irma - Diamond Matrix - 2

Studio Irma

Contemporary artist, Amsterdam

Bcn - Artwork - Les Fantomes - Parade Infinie

Les Fantômes

Contemporary digital artist, Nantes

Event - Six N. Five - Art Basel

Six N. Five

Contemporary digital artist, Barcelona

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