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The Best of Amsterdam in Summer: Moco Museum and More!

How to squeeze every drop of joy, relaxation and inspiration from a city summer’s day? Read on to see how we’ve bottled the spirit of an Amsterdam summer through a modern and contemporary artistic lens. This one-day itinerary combines the insights of a local and must-see stops for any tourist.

Moco Museum Amsterdam: Art to Inspire and Expand your Mind

We recommend beginning at Moco. Top tip – arrive in the cool morning air of the museum’s first opening hour (09:00-10:00) for a more spacious, serene experience. Top top tip – grab an energising coffee and pastry from the Corner Bakery.

Step inside our grand, historic townhouse Villa Alsberg on Museumplein, and feast your eyes on timeless, modern classics and contemporary masterpieces by the likes of Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy, Kusama, Vexx and Kaws. Let digital immersive art captivate your senses and transport you, and witness the first European exhibition dedicated to NFT art. Stretch your legs, breathe it in and take your time. There’ll be a chance to visit our gift shop, stocked with collection inspired merchandise.

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Moco Museum Amsterdam

Moco Museum

Studio Irma

Moco Museum 1stbatch5of5 Copyright Jan Arsenovic kopie

Moco Museum

Moco Garden: An Enchanting Sanctuary of Art, Shade and Rest

At the end of your Moco tour, you’ll emerge into our garden, and we’d recommend you rest here a while. You can visit the Moco garden for free, which has been carefully curated to reflect what you saw inside.

Sit back on Marc Ange’s iconic masterpiece Le Refuge, and let the perforated metal leaves cast shadows on your skin, as you lean into art and rest as one. Discover pieces by WhIsBe, Anthony James, and design legend Marcel Wanders. From WhIsBe's oversized Vandal Gummy to Anthony James' intriguing Snub Cube, each corner of the garden is filled with wonders to explore.

Moco Garden

Le Refuge - Marc Ange

New Race - Federico Clapis


The Moco Outside App: Interactive Expeditions on Museumplein

Next, we invite you to experience how Moco is taking interactive art to the next level. The Moco Outside App for Android and IOS is designed to help maximise your experience of the art you encounter inside Moco, allowing you also to immerse yourself in a world of Augmented Reality (AR) out on Museumplein.

Whether through a parallel, creative dimension via the portal of your phone, or spread out on the real life grass in the sun, Museumplein is rich with things to do: food stalls, markets and pop up concerts – there’s never a dull moment. And of course while you're here, check out our iconic neighbours, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

Moco Play App

The Moco Outside App

Museumplein 132232


Moco Boat Amsterdam: A Canal Odyssey

Experience the true charm of an Amsterdam summer evening, winding through the canals on our Moco Boat Tour. As the late light catches the water, relax, sip a cool drink from the on-boat bar, and let the best of Amsterdam’s architectural beauty stream slowly past you.

Our iconic, pink, open air Moco boat will thread you through Amsterdam’s intricate canal network: all of its 1,500 bridges and 90 man made islands, as well as the romantic Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) and charming neighbourhood of Jordaan. Get an authentic glimpse of the bustling city as you sit back and relax.

Moco Boat

Moco Boat Tour

Pair Moco’s inspiring, mind expanding art collection with the wonders of the city that holds it. See how each informs the other, and how a summer’s day is the perfect container for a multidimensional artistic adventure. From enjoying a picnic on the grass to venturing out onto the waters, make the most of these last summer days to create unforgettable memories. You can book a combined boat tour and museum ticket here - we hope to welcome you soon!

Moco Museum


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