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Places to Eat Near Moco Museum Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is not just a visual feast, but a culinary wonderland too. When visiting the Moco Museum, you'll be delighted to find a host of tantalising eateries nearby that cater to every palate, from traditional Spanish tapas to modern vegan delights. Here are some recommended destinations for the foodie in you!


Looking for a breakfast spot or a place to satisfy your sweet tooth? Head over to Brunells, a charming café well-known for its traditional pastries and desserts. Here, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee paired with the scent of baked goods straight from the oven creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Every bite you take from their meticulously crafted pastries narrates a tale of Catalan baking traditions passed down through generations.

Brunells 1

Brunells - Barcelona

Brunells 1 1

El Xampanyet

For an authentic Spanish gastronomic experience, consider El Xampanyet. The moment you step inside, you’re transported back in time. This eatery specialises in traditional tapas, cava, and wine. This is where you get to savour the authentic taste of Barcelona in every bite. You can't leave without trying their anchovies and toasted bread with tomato – truly a taste of tradition!

El Xamanyet

El Xampanyet - Barcelona

El Xamanyet


On the hunt for something trendy? Demasié might just be your spot. This is not your average bakery; each item is a unique, experimental treat that showcases the creativity of Barcelona's culinary scene. You'll love the cosy ambience, the sound of cracking crusts, and the delightful surprise that comes with each innovative treat. The bakery's innovative approach to sweets makes it a must-visit for food explorers.

Demise - Barcelona


Mr Robinson

Mr Robinson brings a global touch to the local food scene. Known for its street food, brunch and cocktails, this is the perfect place for a laid-back dining experience. From the murmur of happy patrons to the quirky decor, you'll be immersed in a joyous, laid-back vibe. Try their brunch dishes for a mid-day boost, or their diverse street food options for a taste of global cuisine.

Mr Robinson

Mr Robinson - Barcelona

Vegan Junk Food Bar

For the vegan traveller, Vegan Junk Food Bar is a gastronomic haven. Offering a menu full of plant-based burgers, fried foods, and more, it showcases how vegan dishes can be both flavourful and indulgent. From smoky, hearty vegan burgers to crispy vegan nuggets, every dish is a testament to the creativity and deliciousness possible in vegan cuisine. This is a guilt-free destination where flavour and sustainability meet.

Vegan Junk

Vegan Junk Food Bar - Barcelona

Vegan Junk 1

Bar Brutal

Round off your day with a visit to Bar Brutal. This rustic bar is a treat for the senses with its selection of cold cuts, cheeses, and seafood. With every sip of their local wines and every bite of their flavourful small plates, you'll feel immersed in the spirit of Barcelona's vibrant food scene.


So, whether you're craving something traditional or contemporary, savoury or sweet, there's a flavour to satisfy every palate near the Moco Museum in Barcelona. Bon Appétit!

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