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Moco Concept Store Barcelona

The Moco Concept Store is not simply an extension of the Moco Museum journey nor a destination - it is a state of mind.

When a concept or store enters our world, the intention is to bring forward a new concept.

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Through creativity, we can shape a new reality

On the strength of our reach and global community of innovators and curious creatives, it is
our responsibility to explore further what it means to be a museum in the 21st century. How
can we impact change to cultivate a more socially and ethically just future? The Moco
Concept Store is a space that brings new ideas to life - because when you feel good, you do
good. It is a fully immersive world that celebrates artistic activity inspired by the stories fro our collection and society. Sustainable products and limited edition art pieces from modern
and contemporary masters reflect the Moco Collection within a space defined by innovation.

We are all co-creators of this new world

Located in the cultural heart of El Born at c/ Montcada 27, one of the most popular streets in Barcelona. The Moco Concept Store - next to Moco Museum Barcelona - provides a calming atmosphere that evokes the future. Designed in collaboration with Six N. Five, the Barcelona-based contemporary art studio of the award-winning designer and digital artist Ezequiel Pini & Isern Serra, the internationally acclaimed architect.

To the art lover, activist, innovator, and collector - meet us at the Moco Concept Store.

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The Moco Concept Store-y: From Digital to Physical

Digital tools and CGI evolving at rapid speeds have revolutionized the working process for architects, designers, and creatives. For Six N. Five, they manifest the digital into the physical.

Six N. Five is an award-winning creative studio charged by Ezequiel Pini. Distinguished by a multi-disciplinary practice and diverse team, Six N. Five is a collective tour de force that represents the future of art. Their body of work confirms that CGI is not simply a visualization tool but a gateway for transcendent artistic expression. Architectural configurations transport viewers to imaginary realms that reflect a refined vision for our future.

“Six N. Five has become synonymous with pastel-hued dreamscapes and vibrant impossible architectures that allude to the endless possibilities of CGI.”

As these digital tools continue to open doors for creative freedom, Six N. Five embrace the opportunities for experimentation. Earlier this year, the renowned creative studio brought to life the bespoke NetJets lounge at Art Basel. Delicate arches, custom lighting, and a futuristic color palette convey the future of flying.

"When you’re challenged to explore the unknown and things that have never been done before - you’re moved to do what has not been done before." - Six N. Five

Through a detailed process of perfecting subtleties in lighting, shading, color, and material textures, Six N. Five conjure atmospheres with captivating identities that feel familiar. Now, those dreams and poetic environments are becoming a reality. In collaboration with the globally-recognized architect Isern Serra, the digital has evolved into an experiential space - the Moco Concept Store.

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“One of the things that thrills us the most is being able to create new spaces and experiences through images, videos, and virtual reality experiences that allow us to imagine something different from what we are used to—be it a space or a situation in which unexpected things happen that can be related to the world of dreams.”

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