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Moco's desire to challenge ideologies and inspire the activist within reaches far beyond the walls of the museum.

This is clearly evident in its partnership with Movement On The Ground (MOTG), a ground-roots, non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life for the global refugee population. Moco founder, Kim Logchies, doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk; as an active member of MOTG's advisory board, she has visited the island of Lesvos' refugee location, in Greece on a number of occasions.

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Children playing in camp 'The Olive Grove'

Located just outside 'Moria Refugee Camp' on Lesvos

IMG 3268

Children in front of the MOTG food truck

Motivated to bring change to the humanitarian field, Movement On The Ground's mission is to transform ALL refugee hotspots towards safe, healing, enabling, and dignified environments from within.

MOTG is a first responder; Supplying direct aid to men, women, and children who have been forced from their homes due to climate change, poverty, and war. They provide shelters, generators, rescue and medical equipment, food, blankets, and clothing. MOTG is also a game-changer, dedicated to building communities by creating a place where refugees feel empowered and included in the running of services and projects. Here, both the host and hosted feel valued. This camp to campUs philosophy is something that MOTG has developed and nurtured on the island of Lesvos, establishing a new blueprint for humanitarian help; where residents have access to education, health care, nutritious meals, sports facilities, and the arts. Moco passionately endorses this revolutionary approach to humanitarian work and invites you to get involved in this vital cause that offers a sustainable response to the refugee crisis.

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