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On a beautiful summer day in Barcelona, explore different neighbourhoods each with their own charm. Visit the sunny Barceloneta Beach, the lively market in El Raval, the popular tapas places in Sant Antoni, the cultural hub El Born and the famous Gothic Quarter. Follow us, as we guide you through captivating districts and uncover new aspects of Barcelona, unravelling the charm of one neighbourhood after another.

Barceloneta Beach: Where the City Meets the Sea

The journey begins at Barceloneta, where the city kisses the sea. Stretching over 1.1 kilometres, it's a busy place full of activities. Locals and tourists come to do water sports, play beach volleyball and simply enjoy the Mediterranean sun. The beach is decorated with Frank Gehry's 'El Peix' sculpture, adding to its lively feel where calm and excitement exist together.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach - Barcelona

La Boqueria Market, El Raval: A Feast for the Senses

Next, plunge into the dynamic heart of El Raval, immerse yourself in the sensory delight of La Boqueria Market. The bustling market has a history that traces back to the 13th century, offering a celebration of colour, sound and delicious smells. Find fresh produce, meat, fish to an array of local and exotic products - the market stands as a gastronomic paradise.

La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria Market

El Raval - Barcelona

Carrer Blai, Sant Antoni: The Heartbeat of Barcelona's Food Culture

Continue your exploration to Carrer Blai, the heart of Sant Antoni, a neighbourhood acclaimed for its trendy eateries and bars. This pedestrian-friendly street is famous for its 'pintxos' (small snacks) bars. Indulge in these delicious treats paired with a glass of local vermouth and capture the essence of Barcelona's vibrant food culture.

Career Blai

Career Blai - Barcelona

Career Blai

Moco Museum Barcelona, El Born: An Oasis of Modern Art

The Moco Museum Barcelona, located in the dynamic El Born district, is a symbol of contemporary and modern art. It appeals to both newbies to art and seasoned art enthusiasts. The museum displays an array of iconic works by famous artists and has been at the forefront of digital immersive art and the NFT art phenomenon since 2021.

The museum’s neighbour is also the Moco Concept Store, a creative space where art and lifestyle collide. It offers a unique selection of art-related products, books and exclusive design items.

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Moco Museum Barcelona

Kaws Room

Moco Museum


The Kiss of Freedom Mural, Gothic Quarter: A Piece of Barcelona's Soul

End your tour at the Gothic Quarter, where history blends seamlessly with the present. The 'Kiss of Freedom' mural, a work by artist Joan Fontcuberta, is made up of thousands of photos from locals. It represents a shared sense of freedom. This complex mural offers a new look at the city's public art and is a place you must see in the city.

Kiss of freedom

Kiss of Freedom - Barcelona

As you explore Barcelona's diverse neighbourhoods, the city's magic will surely captivate your heart. Each district offers its own unique charm, from the artistic and cultural wonders of El Born to the lively ambiance of Carrer Blai in Sant Antoni. So, set off on a journey of discovery, and experience Barcelona's beauty and allure as it leaves a lasting impression on you.

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