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Sep 28, 2023Apr 28, 2024

The Symphony of Nature

Six N. Five

The Symphony of Nature, Amsterdam

Sep 28, 2023Apr 28, 2024


Six N. Five

Ezequiel Pini, the visionary artist behind Six N. Five, is an award-winning Argentinian designer based in Barcelona. For the past decade, he has redefined digital art by harnessing 3D technology to create dreamlike realms defined by modern purity. Pini's vision manifests across various mediums, diving deep into digital and physical spaces, distinct designs, evocative narratives, NFTs and limited collectables. His signature style of poetic composition and elegant execution establish Six N. Five as a leading figure in digital and contemporary art and design.

The work of Six N. Five transcends time, illustrating moments and memories that expand the horizons of CGI and digital expression. At the forefront of a creative revolution, Six N. Five breathes new life into the digital realm.

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“One of the things that thrills us the most is being able to create new spaces and experiences through images, videos, and virtual reality experiences that allow us to imagine something different from what we are used to—be it a space or a situation in which unexpected things happen that can be related to the world of dreams.”

The Symphony of Nature by Six N. Five

The Symphony of Nature observes the unique interpretations of nature by Six N. Five (Ezequiel Pini). Using digital tools to compose ethereal environments, the artist shapes clouds and sculpts virtual plants with meditative practice - blurring the boundary between imagination and reality.

Combining different disciplines, The Symphony of Nature guides us on a journey that decodes the majesty of our natural world. In poetic composition, Six N. Five captures the rhythm of elements in divine dance, the infinite sky that broadens perspective, and the forces of nature that connect us in harmony.

Moco Museum brings together three of the most recent works by Six N. Five to create The Symphony of Nature - an immersive experience that blends the physical and digital in expressions that illuminate the essence of our world and existence.

Past Work

Ezequiel Pini also known as Six N. Five, is an award-winning Argentinian designer based in Barcelona. Over the last few years, Pini has pioneered the use of 3D and different media to create imaginary, dreamlike worlds with his signature clean, modern aesthetic, making Six N. Five one of the most recognized digital creative practices.

His work incorporates different mediums to explore imaginary spaces, moving stories, and physical collectibles. Refined imagination, poetic compositions, elegant skills, and forward-looking attitude make Six N. Five one of the most recognizable artists in the contemporary digital art scene.

The studio’s collaborations include projects, events, and exhibitions in museums and cultural institutions like Moco Museum in Barcelona and Amsterdam, Art Basel, Fotografiska Stockholm, Museo della Permanente in Milan, London Design Festival, the Moco NFT for the Mocoverse, and the Moco Concept Store. Six N. Five has collaborated with brands like Nike, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Microsoft.

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Event - Six N. Five - Art Basel

Six N. Five

Contemporary digital artist, Barcelona

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