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FC Barcelona Masterpiece

May 30, 2024Jun 25, 2024


FC Barcelona


May 30, 2024Jun 25, 2024


Dream Team

In a blend of sports heritage and cutting-edge blockchain technology, FC Barcelona enters the art space at Moco Museum. Their NFT series “Masterpiece” pays homage to the club’s legacy, immortalising iconic players and moments to inspire generations.

Both Moco and FC Barcelona dedicate themselves to pioneering innovative ideas and pushing boundaries. Together, we present the first two NFTs in a 10 collection: “In a Way, Immortal” and “Empowerment” – digital artworks inspired by the legends Johan Cruyff and Alexia Putellas.

The exhibition celebrates football’s rich heritage and the importance of feeling empowered to dream big in whichever field you choose.

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Empowerment for Tomorrow

Although united by the colours of blue and garnet, FC Barcelona champions diversity as a cornerstone in all its activities. To this day, FCB continues to promote a cultural exchange within its club, most notably with the Netherlands. More than half a century ago, Johan Cruyff signed to Barcelona, a move that has contributed to the signature playing style of the club.

The "Masterpiece" series serves as a digital time capsule, celebrating the club’s iconic players and moments while also carrying a profound message of empowerment. Kicking off the collection is "In A Way, Immortal," which spotlights Johan Cruyff. Created by FC Barcelona in collaboration with BCN Visuals, this NFT captures Cruyff's iconic 'Flying Dutchman' goal – a defining moment of achieving greatness against all odds.

The Dutch football legend is known off-field for empowering youth, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. Today, the Johan Cruyff Foundation, continues to ensure that children, including those with special needs, have access to sports facilities and programs, underscoring the belief that sports can have a positive impact in one’s community. And it doesn’t stop there, the Foundation has also teamed up with one of Moco’s long standing partners, Movement on the Ground, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for the global refugee population.

The second NFT, "Empowerment," features Alexia Putellas, a role model for women's empowerment in sports. Recognised as one of the best female footballers in the world, Putellas' achievements are encapsulated in this artwork by Rhi Madeline which revisits the UEFA Women’s Champions League semifinal against Wolfsburg on 22 April 2022, when a world record crowd of 91,648 spectators watched the Barça victory. The Club has collaborated with World Of Women, creating an NFT artwork that symbolises transformation and a catalyst for progress. This NFT uses gold to highlight Putellas' timeless legacy and incorporates chants from passionate Barça fans, capturing a vibrant tribute to a monumental event in women’s sports.

DSC 4508

Catalan artist Òscar Tusquets

Alexia Putellas chair

Masterpiece Alexia Final

Rhi Madeline


More Than a Club

“Masterpiece” by FC Barcelona began with tremendous success. The first NFT, “In a Way, Immortal”, kicked off with a sale in July 2022 at Sotheby’s auction house in New York, achieving $693,000. Then in June 2023, the football club’s second NFT, “Empowerment”, has sold for $300,231.36 at an online auction on OpenSea, the first and largest marketplace for NFTs - a truly democratic move into the digital art space.

“Masterpiece” represents a new wave of cultural expression, connecting (football) fans around the globe in a digital age. Each NFT is more than just a collectible; it's a piece of FC Barcelona's soul, offering a new way to partake in the club's rich legacy. From football scarves to NFTs, FC Barcelona shows how tradition and innovation can usher in a new generation of fandom.


BCN Visuals

In a Way, Immortal

Artists in this exhibition

BCN Visuals

BCN Visuals

Contemporary Digital Artists, USA

Masterpiece Alexia Final

Rhi Madeline

Contemporary Digital Artist, Canada

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