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Movement on the Ground

Moco Museum believes in the power of art. It connects people, challenges ideologies, and inspires the activist within. After all, it is this power and your love for art that brings us together. We champion a shared philosophy. Indeed, Movement On The Ground has a revolutionary approach to humanitarian work.

Movement On the Ground
Moco Museum works with Movement on the Ground to raise awareness about the growing refugee population. We believe everyone should be entitled to security, education, healthcare, and the arts.


Therefore, Moco is a proud partner with Movement On The Ground (MOTG). They are a non-profit organization improving the quality of life for the refugee population. Moreover, MOTG provides aid to men, women, and children. Because they have been forced from their homes due to climate change, poverty, and war.

MOTG is a first responder. Most importantly, they provide shelters, generators, rescue and medical equipment, food, blankets, and clothing. Movement On The Ground is a gamechanger, dedicated to building communities. On the island of Lesvos, in particular, they have set a new blueprint for humanitarian help worldwide. Moco believes in this framework whole-heartedly. Because residents should have access to education, health care, nutritious meals, sports facilities, and the arts.


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