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Anthony James

Contemporary artist, Los Angeles

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Anthony James is a British-American artist based in Los Angeles. He is widely recognised for the ongoing series Portals (2008), which has been featured in the Oscar-nominated Knives Out. With mesmeric skill, James crafts each piece with an alchemist's touch, fusing titanium, glass, and LED lights into wondrous gateways that create the illusion of infinite space. He takes inspiration from Plato's "Timaeus," specifically the philosopher's description of the elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air as geometric correspondents. Anthony James has described his work as "evoking pictorial depictions of the cosmos, alluding to notions of mysticism, ethereality, spirituality and science, all the while anchored through the use of weighty, industrial materials."

Drawing from Minimalism, Transcendentalism and Light & Space, Portals aims to elucidate how everything in the universe is connected. In the winter of 2023, James became the first and only visual artist to have work exhibited on all seven continents after he installed a version of Portals at White Desert's base camp in Antarctica near the South Pole.

"In my practice, I'm trying to give a visual demonstration of the infinite or the divinity inside us all." - Anthony James

Exhibitions by this artist

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Digital and Immersive Art

Six N. Five / Pulse Interactive

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