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Moco Play App

With the new Moco Play app the Moco Museum comes to life!

Your museum visit will get a new dimension with our new augmented reality app ‘Moco Play’. The free app overlays a selection of the museum’s contemporary artworks with interactive digital content. Visitors can point their mobile phones or tablets at the artworks of the likes of Icy & Sot, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and watch them come to life on their screens. A nice extra is that the app also works on for example posters that you can buy in our giftshop. Like that you can keep playing with the app at home. ‘Moco Play’ is our newest innovation that marks the beginning of a new way of visiting a museum. 

Download the ‘Moco Play’ app on your mobile phone or tablet via the links below:

Download link iOS version

Download link Android version

Try the app now on the picture below:

icy & sot exhibition amsterdam moco

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