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Moco Museum Chapter Three: London

Passersby are pausing to stop and stare: Moco Museum London is beginning to show its face to the crowds of the streets! Yes, following the success of Moco Museum Amsterdam and Barcelona, a new chapter is about to unfold amidst the hustle and bustle of London’s West End – 1-4 Marble Arch, to be precise. 

After years of connecting over 5 million visitors from more than 120 different nations to our stunning collection of art, this is our bold leap across the Channel to bring the people of London closer to the wonders of modern and contemporary art.

Moco exhibitions continue to inspire long after your visit is over. Expect modern classics by the likes of Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy, Kusama, KAWS and Tracey Emin, as well as new immersive wonders by contemporary stars. In the words of rising, multidisciplinary artist Pilar Zeta:

"As a female artist in the Moco Museum Collection, I take pride in contributing to a celebration that transcends diversity— it's a profound recognition of our unique perspectives and untold stories. Elevating female voices enriches our human experience, and the energy of female art symbolises the power held by women as creators. In my opinion, this creative force is the moving essence of the universe.”

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Why London?
Train stations inscribed with the glowing words of Tracey Emin, the recent host to Marina Abramović’s history-making Royal Academy retrospective and home to Damien Hisrt’s blossoms – London is alive with the legacy of artists past and present, making it Moco’s natural next step. 

Just a few feet from the museum stands Marble Arch, originally designed for Buckingham Palace and symbolising the nation’s long regal history. With Moco in the picture, a scene of majestic nostalgia is offset by the possibilities of present disruption: the spirit of a museum committed to connecting all audiences from all backgrounds to the wonders of modern art!

Moco Museum London is a contribution to the current and expanding cultural epicentre of the London art scene around Oxford Street and beyond. At 1-4 Marble Arch, we could not be better situated to touch hearts and open minds with the power of art.


Get Involved
Opportunities to be a part of this exciting journey abound! Collectors please reach out to; press to Considering an art career in London? Explore our current vacancies here! Sponsors looking to shape the future of modern art in London, do your thing here Reach out to, and you can even plan your exclusive party or Night at the Museum in London! 

But most importantly, stay tuned for further updates and be one of the first in history to enter Moco Museum London when doors open!


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Ahead of the big day, we’re introducing a comprehensive new range of memberships. From Pastel Pink to Rosé, each membership is carefully designed to fit every need: from personal use to wider family or corporate occasions. Available on our London ticketshop, but eligible to use across all museums from February 29th. Find your shade of pink here to secure yours now.



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