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Moco presents Robbie Williams: Pride and Self-Prejudice

Imagine Peace in Your Mind 


…so command the words from the first ever art exhibition by British pop icon Robbie Williams. With gentle invitations, caricature forms and dry humour, this series of artworks on mental health take us to a place where healing is possible: the creative imagination.

The bold, conversational forms of street art have always held a special place in Robbie Williams’ heart, who has refined his own art as a daily practice since the 90s. But this exhibition is about you, the viewer, as much as the artist: prepare to laugh, self-reflect and leave with a new perspective on the healing power of art.

What’s it all about?

The artworks grew from Robbie’s honest engagement with external pressure, shame, fear and other inner demons, so that he can now proudly say, what “would destroy me has also made me successful.” With caricature forms and dry humour, these unique pieces hold a powerful antidote to a sometimes cruel world, and our internal struggles.

In the presence of these playful but potent works, we can’t help but look inward and find a flood of relief in their brave vulnerability. We’re invited to embrace light and dark alike, and initiate our own healing journey.

What to expect?

One room bursts with colour; another scaled down black and white. How will the contrast affect the message behind the works? Additionally, in digital rooms, the artworks will come to life.

Quotes will make you stop, think, laugh, and question the pressure to present our inner worlds in a consistent, understandable way for the outside world. With a stream of consciousness style these works inspire release and mental freedom.

Collect your ‘Give Me Five’ card at the end of the exhibition and free up some space for self acceptance and self love. This is a reminder of what makes you you, so carry it in your pocket and spread the healing power of art onwards!

Now on view at Moco Museum Amsterdam.


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