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"Masterpiece" with FC Barcelona

In a blend of sports heritage and cutting-edge blockchain technology, FC Barcelona enters the art space at Moco Museum – opening first in Barcelona 25 April, and coming to Amsterdam 30 May. The NFT series “Masterpiece” pays homage to the club’s legacy, immortalising iconic moments to inspire generations.

Both Moco and FC Barcelona dedicate themselves to pioneering innovative ideas and pushing boundaries. The NFTs feature the legends Johan Cruyff and Alexia Putellas, two phenomenal figures who have made history in and beyond the world of football – past and present, male and female. The exhibition celebrates football’s rich heritage and the importance of feeling empowered to dream big in whichever field you choose.

What to expect

Captivating, transformative NFTs that immortalise the stories of legends to inspire us all. This is storytelling in the digital forms of liquid gold – the colour of enduring power and purity of spirit. Additional behind the scenes footage transports viewers to the creative process behind the artworks, and exclusively designed sports memorabilia will be available to carry the power of ‘Masterpiece’ onwards.

Behind the art

Through the NFT, “In a Way, Immortal”, prepare to be transported back to the golden era of Johan Cruyff, who redefined the signature playing style of FC Barcelona. His Dutch heritage testifies to the cross-cultural inclusivity of the team, and his legacy lives on in the Johan Cruyff Foundation, which ensures young children and those with special needs get access to sports facilities.

The captain of the FC Barcelona female team, Alexia Putellas, is blazing a path of inspiration before us all. Renowned as one of the best female football players in the world, in the NFT “Empowerment”, art and technology combine to pay tribute to a monumental era in women’s sports. In the words of the trailblazer, "football has no gender".

Come and see for yourself at Moco Museum Barcelona from 25 April and Amsterdam from 30 May – on show for a limited period, so don’t miss out!

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