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KAWS, Uniqlo, Moco Museum, Amsterdam, Collaboration

Uniqlo x KAWS x Moco Museum Collaboration

We told you good things come in threes. The Uniqlo x KAWS x Moco Museum Collaboration have teamed up to launch the latest UT Collection in Amsterdam (06 June 2019). KAWS’ iconic sculptures, BFF and COMPANION come to life as you purchase your fav clothing item. But the journey doesn’t end there! Moco Museum rewards customers’ love for art with a 2 for 1 entrance ticket – just in time for the summer session.

Match Made in Heaven

The mega-collaboration you’ve all been waiting for! When it comes to clothing innovation, Uniqlo stands as an unconventional leader and game changer. They are dedicated to sustainability, but never sacrifice aesthetics. This is evident in their UT collection, which is accessible and meant for everyone. Uniqlo’s ‘pursuit in evolution’ is described as a way of being, a consciousness that exists in all aspects of their work. Like Moco Museum, they work with Movement On The Ground to impact direct change and better the lives of the refugee population on the island of Lesvos.


Brian Kaws Donnelly is a Brooklyn-based artist and celebrated icon. He has developed a visual language that’s not only universally understood, but also one that resonates on an emotional level. Indeed, his body of work serves to connect audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Following the commercial success of his Sesame Street Collection, which featured branded shirts and plush toys, the artist’s now lending reiterations of his most famous works for your consumption. THE COMPANION and COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH) by KAWS await you at Moco Museum. Uniqlo x KAWS x Moco Museum – now that’s a collaborative trifecta!

Where’s the Art?

As much as a t-shirt is an expression of you, so is art. Wearing things you love and surrounding yourself with things you love is a conscious act to enrich your life – we salute you. The Uniqlo UT Collection has featured popular works from a long line of incredible artists: Haring, Warhol, Basquiat and KAWS. Missed those drops? We have the solution. Visit Moco Museum and experience their masterworks in person. Cop your KAWS gear at Uniqlo to receive your discount code for admission or buy tickets here. We welcome you with open arms!

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