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Uniqlo’s NEW Collection Celebrates the Moco Masters

Uniqlo’s NEW Collection Celebrates the Moco Masters

To celebrate the NEW UT Collection by Uniqlo, Moco is giving you 2 for 1 entrance with the purchase of every t-shirt!

When it comes to clothing innovation, Uniqlo stands as an unconventional leader and game-changer. They are dedicated to sustainability but never sacrifice aesthetics. When you buy a T-shirt, accessory, umbrella, etc. of Andy Warhol / Jean-Michel Basquiat / Keith Haring, you get your 2nd ticket to Moco Museum for FREE! Time to live with art!


Moco Museum x Uniqlo NL


The NEW UT Collection

Discover a new collection featuring iconic works by three Moco Masters – Andy Warhol / Jean-Michel Basquiat / Keith Haring.


UniqloNL x Moco Museum


Keith Haring

Whether you were walking the streets of New York, changing trains, or minding the gap, bold drawings in thick outline declared: Keith Haring was here! His work speaks to a world that is hip and streetwise, creative, spontaneous, and underground. His iconic, Pop-graffiti body of work includes hearts, flying saucers, winged figures, barking dogs, and a radiant baby. The UT Collection uses work by Keith Haring to carry on his legacy of bringing art to all.

“Art is for everybody.” – Keith Haring


Jean-Michel Basquiat

After an accident at a young age, Jean-Michel Basquiat received a copy of the student textbook Gray’s Anatomy from his mother. It was a gift that would forever inspire his artistic practice; bringing a surgical awareness to his creations. Moreover, his Neo-Expressionist style engages both Western and non-Western traditions of art.

When asked to define his art, Basquiat replied, “royalty, heroism and the streets.”


Moco Museum x Uniqlo NL


Andy Warhol

Campbell’s Soup Cans, Brillo Boxes, flowers, and Hollywood royalty – Andy Warhol made art POP! He challenged the world to see art differently with his blatant love for commercialism. From his (in)famous studio, The Factory – the ultimate creative party hub in New York City – Warhol rose to fame as the incomparable Father of Pop. He embraced mass production, and now his work matches the mass-appeal of the Uniqlo UT Collection!

“The idea is not to live forever; it is to create something that will.” – Andy Warhol


Uniqlo NL x Moco Museum


Pop. Graffiti. Pop-graffiti. 

Discover works by Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol at Moco Museum in Amsterdam. Once local celebrities but now worldwide headliners, their lasting contribution to art has inspired generations, uniting and inspiring art lovers.

Each Moco Master was guided by the philosophy that art should be enjoyed by all. Each asserted a signature style that unquestionably changed the rhythm and landscape of New York City. Around the world and now, on your favorite t-shirt, their vibrant legacies live on.



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