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Creative talents of today

The creative talents of today

Thinking about creative talents, your mind quickly goes to fashion designers or artists. This is not entirely false, but it is so much more than that. Creative talents are artists in every aspect: photography, interior designers, graphic designers, and much more.

The Creative talents in Art

One group of creative talents in the art world that you must know, is Snarkitecture. These art installations made by three friends from New York have traveled all over the world. The installations are not meant to be architecture but to make something new with the already existing space. The three artists do this by making the space interactive. One of the artists in the collective is Daniel Arsham. His show Connecting Time was previously held at Moco Museum in Amsterdam!

Creative talents

Another creative duo in the art world that you should know is Icy and Sot. They are called the ‘Banksy of Iran’ and are famous for their controversial art. In their own country, Iran, their work is even banned. They live in New York City now and their success is bigger than ever. Last year Moco Museum brought several artworks from Icy and Sot to the museum in Amsterdam. This exhibition has already ended but Icy and Sot have exhibitions going on somewhere in the world!

Creative talent in Graphic Design

An amazing graphic design artist who has always been ahead of her time is Barbara Kruger. As a creative talent, she designs graphics in a modern art way with relatable texts on them. Her art is funny, playful, and most of all real. Kruger has battled cases of plagiarism for years. However, she does not want to draw too much attention to those who mimic her art.

When we talk about talented graphic designers Chip Kidd certainly belongs here. He is best known for his beautiful book jackets. One of the most famous book covers he made was for Jurassic Park. The T-Rex drawing he made was not only the book cover but it became the movie poster and logo for the park itself in the movie.

Creative talents in Photography

As of today, there are so many amazing and creative talents working as photographers. Here are two creatives we think are quite special. The first photographer is Sydney-based Demas Rusli. This architect/photographer owns a beautiful Instagram page filled with the best photos. Olivier Wong is the second creative talent we want to talk about. Olivier is a travel photographer and content creator. You can admire his work on his Instagram page. With 235K followers on Instagram, he definitely belongs to the list of creative talents of today.

When you like the creative talents of today you have to come and visit Moco Museum. We love artists like Snarkitecture and Saskia Schmidt. The creative talents can often be found inside our museum or in the Moco sculpture garden. For example, come and see the Daniel Arsham exhibition. We also had an exhibition filled with art from Icy and Sot.

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