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Icy and Sot

Icy and Sot Exhibition

Get to know the work of street artists Icy & Sot

Moco Museum will bring the works of Icy and Sot to Amsterdam this summer, putting it on display – combined with works of Banksy – until January 15 2019. The exhibition will not only match Banksy’s style, but will also enrich the current works of the museum!

Called the ‘Banksy of Iran’, the work of the young Iranian brothers Icy (34) and Sot (29) is not only controversial in their native country, but has even been banned there. The work of these two street artists literally holds a mirror up to modern-day Iranian society, offering an idiosyncratic perspective on themes like oppression, fame, freedom, war and dreams. The brothers’ talent quickly made waves in Iran, and soon Icy and Sot were given a chance to trade the streets of Tabriz for the temptations of the Big Apple.

In New York, they received even more acclaim from art lovers. Success seemed assured, but not without sacrifice. By embracing their fame in America, returning to their native Iran became impossible. Since arriving in the States, it has become clear that Icy and Sot did not give up a future in their native country in vain.

The duo currently has several exhibitions in New York and they are working hard to build an international reputation. Just recently (6 February 2018), the brothers caused a stir with their playful guerrilla art on Wall Street, placing a giant crumpled dollar bill in the middle of New York’s financial district to protest greed and the volatility of capitalism.

Icy and Sot – A Moment of Clarity: 1 June 2018 till January 15 2019

The exhibition is co-curated by Anna Nooshin

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