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Studio Irma Developed a New Color for Reflecting Forward

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Moco Museum Webshop – Order Now!

The Mocommunity of Art Lovers and Moco Members live in all corners of the world – this should be celebrated! At Moco Museum, we want to keep building bridges so we stay connected – no matter what challenges we face.

There is no better time than now, to practice Reflecting ForwardAs we look to a safe and healthy future, we also look to you, the Mocommunity. Thank you for the continued support, love, and inspiration. 

We hope to see you soon, but in the meantime, Moco Museum has a Webshop and you can Order NOW! Because we believe art can do more! 



The Moco Webshop

First off, we ship internationally! Scroll down to shop our selection of merchandise from Moco Museum. 


In art we trust merchandise - in the Moco Webshop


In art we trust Gear

You can’t go wrong. When has a statement ever been this fashionable? Get it in tote bags, caps, hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, and posters. It’s not only one of our nearest and dearest statements, but it is the heart and soul of Moco. IN ART WE TRUST:

  • to challenge the norm
  • to champion the truth
  • to open minds
  • to question the world around us



Moco believes in YOU

Take the risk or lose the chance.
If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough! 

Daily mantras and life mottos – we wish for no one to live in the unknown, thinking, “should have, could have, would have”. Don’t be afraid to fail. We are not defined by our successes, but how we learn from our failures – something that unites us all. You taking a risk is your first conscious decision to create the life that you want and dream of!   

You also learn about yourself – which is always a good thing. Practice daring to dream. Don’t let yourself be dictated by fear. Take that risk, dare to dream, and overcome personal fears. Then, you are loving yourself, respecting yourself, and ultimately, believing in yourself. 


MocoMuseum The Present is Female



Representation Matters! And Moco reflects that with new and cool Moco Merch – available in our webshop. Because there’s nothing cooler than being a proud feminist and showing your allegiance. You can express you’re an ally with a sweater from our collaboration with the wonderful curator and art advisor – Maria Brito. After all, The Present is Female

“Because…any one of us who knows the power of words and who play with the quantum field know that the future NEVER comes. So here, my loves, is your present, may you continue living it and manifesting it here and now.” 

– Maria Brito


We hope you enjoy shopping our Moco Webshop. We can’t wait to welcome you again! Right now until 6 April, we’re offering flexible tickets at 25% OFF. Book now and decide later. Your open-ended ticket lets you choose when you want to visit. *Valid for an entire year from Reopening. Stay in, stay safe. 💖


Art can change the world poster - Moco Museum

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