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Kaleidoscope Room in Reflecting Forward

How Color Can Change the World

How Color Can Change the World

Have you ever wondered about what power color has in your surroundings – is it even important?  

Well, did you know that color has the power to influence your life, mood, and mindset? So, if you were thinking: can color change the world? Moco believes the proof is in the pudding. Fans, doubters, and non-believers prepare to be wowed by the amazing power of color! 

 Studio Irma - Reflecting Forward

Painting a Brighter Future

Edi Rama (former Mayor of Tirana, Albania) proves that color has the power to alter our life experience. Elected in 2000, the technically trained painter made it a mission to spread bright colors and creative patterns throughout the mostly gray capital. 

Before, Tirana was a lawless city run by gangsters. However, as a result of a colorful makeover, the mafia moved out. Instead, tourism and business flourished. Edi Rama has shown the world that color not only transforms a city but restores pride and confidence to citizens. 


Positive Effects of Color

For centuries, humans have welcomed the healing power of color. Studies reveal that color influences how we feel. In the case of green-painted urban spaces, there were lower levels of stress. Furthermore, some American schools report fewer dropouts when campuses were painted in warm-toned colors. All in all, color directly uplifts your spirit. 

Power of Color

Artists also express love and need for color. For some, it’s not about the color itself but the feeling it evokes. Modernist painter Mark Rothko, for example, celebrated color’s power to express human emotion. 

“The fact that people break down and cry when confronted with my pictures shows that I communicate those basic human emotions.” – Rothko


Studio Irma in the Diamond Matrix of Reflecting Forward
Studio Irma by Carli Hermès

The influence of color  – Studio Irma

Studio Irma (Dutch Contemporary Digital Artist) is the color queen. The Gerrit Rietveld alum directs her color studies in her latest solo-exhibition Reflecting Forward at Moco Museum. In the immersive digital art exhibition, visitors experience a wave and spectrum of colors that light up the world and our search for connectivism. Studio Irma welcomes us with an uplifting and beautiful feeling. Moreover, the digital artist develops a new color – specifically for the exhibition. It is a shade of pink designed to induce energy and dopamine.

All in all, there is no doubt that the power of color is endless. Moco trusts in art and color’s ability to change people’s behavior and broaden perspectives. Get tickets and get connected with Reflecting Forward by Studio Irma at Moco Museum in Amsterdam.

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