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Art Podcasts for Lockdown Inspiration - Moco Museum

8 Art Podcasts for Lockdown Inspiration

8 Art Podcasts for Lockdown Inspiration

Over the past months, COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) has become a global health issue. As a result, museums, cultural institutions, art fairs, and events have either been canceled, postponed, or closed until further notice. For this reason, COVID-19 has impacted us all. Now, we adapt to a new normal of isolation and social-distancing. However, Moco hopes to make those moments of pause just a little more creative.  So, whether you’re cooking at home, painting in the garden, or going on a stroll for your daily dose of Vitamin D. (Yes, it’s still important.) Moco Museum wishes to refresh your quarantine routine with 8 Art Podcasts for Lockdown Inspiration. See, below.  



Exploring the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful in Art History

ArtCurious Podcast makes the subject relatable to everyone. Who is Banksy, really? Did Van Gogh actually kill himself? Why were the Impressionists so great? ArtCurious Podcast goes for the story first! With 20 years of art historical studies and experience, Jennifer Dasal thus writes, produces, and hosts the show. In other words, get curious here! 


Art History Babes Podcast

Four Fabulous Fresh Masters that represent the four zodiac elements (Water, Air, Earth, and Fire). They’re perfectly in balance. Join the intimate circle as they drink wine and surely discuss all things visual culture. What are you waiting for? Listen to the babes’ art podcast here.


Raw Material

The official culture and arts podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Art (SFMOMA). Each season of Raw Material specifically explores a new topic of modern and contemporary art. Furthermore, hosted by different “podcasters-in-residence”. Right now, we’re obsessed with the latest season (Six Degrees) that explores degrees of separation in our interconnected lives. 

“No connection is too trivial, no distance too far.”

In the same vein, Moco Museum and Studio Irma introduce a new art movement called Connectivism in Reflecting Forward. With this in mind, the immersive digital art exhibition strives to show a world without borders. Book your flexible tickets for the future, here! 


Talk Art


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The Talk Art podcast is co-hosted by Russell Tovey (Actor-Collector) and Robert Diament (Musician-Turned-Gallerist). A wide-ranging program that spotlights contemporary artists such as, KAWS, Tracey Emin, and Grayson Perry. In other words, dive into the discussion here


The Modern 

The Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas has a podcast appropriately called The Modern. Moreover, the museum’s art podcast platform speaks on all things related to modern and contemporary art. Their episode about KAWS is particularly interesting.


The Great Women Artists Podcast


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Like their Instagram account @thegreatwomenartists, this podcast similarly prides itself on celebrating women artists. Katy Hessel (Art Historian & Curator) interviews artists, curators, writers, and art lovers. Moreover, asking important questions like which female artist means the most to you? Finally, get all the answers here


Dior Talks

Dior Talks is actually a podcast-series from the legendary couture house. Dior’s Creative Director of Women’s Collections, Maira Grazia Chiuri makes it her mission to celebrate women. Furthermore, bringing together female artists, writers, and creatives. Noteworthy features include Tracey Emin and Judy Chicago. 


The Artfully Podcast


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The monthly podcast that’s fully about art. News stories, gossip, and revisited histories brought to you by Elizabeth Power (Artist) and Jessie Hillcox (Writer). Personally, we love the attention and information they bring to a favorite Moco Master, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Check the podcast here

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