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Amsterdam Nightlife Disco

Amsterdam Nightlife
5 Tips

Amsterdam Nightlife : 5 Tips

When you explore a city at night, especially Amsterdam, you’re looking for something special. The vibrant scene of Amsterdam Nightlife includes bars, venues, festivals, club nights, late-night coffee shops, and more. So, if you were searching for an Amsterdam Night Tour, stop! 

We have a curated guide filled with tips, tricks, and top selections.
Because YOUR Amsterdam Nightlife experience should be like no other. 

Amsterdam Nightlife

Lights Up!

No doubt, Amsterdam comes to life at night. Wander around, and you’ll see the charming city lights reflected in the canals. Every year – December and January – is the Amsterdam Light Festival. Artists like Studio Irma create new light artworks inspired by a common theme. Then, it is best to do a nighttime boat tour. Although the Amsterdam Redlight District has its ‘distinct’ allure, there’s so much more.

For example, the area is packed with bruin cafés’, which give you an authentic Amsterdam drinking-experience. If this is your vibe, then check out We Are Amsterdam‘s list of the best brown cafés in Amsterdam. Before or after, you can feed your appetite at any one of the delicious Asian restaurants in the surrounding Nieuwmarkt area. Eet smakelijk, as the Dutch say. 

Studio Irma - Reflecting Forward

In art we trust

If you’re in the cultural mood, look no further. Amsterdam has an incredible and diverse program. From the Rijksmuseum to Van Gogh to Anne Frank House. On Museum Square, you’ll find a special, boutique museum with a collection of modern, contemporary, and street art – Moco Museum. Check the online ticket time slots to not only save money but to experience the museum in its full effect.

2020 marks the Year of the Woman, and Moco celebrates this feminine power year-round. Reflecting Forward by Studio Irma is a Digital Immersive Art exhibition that will leave you feeling connected like never before. Following your night at the museum, walk across the street to The Conservatorium Hotel or House of Bols for the best cocktails in Amsterdam – you won’t regret it! 

Dance the Night Away

Amsterdam Nightlife has an international reputation, and it’s no secret that it’s the place to party. If EDM is your thing, then you’re in luck. Did you know that some of the world’s top DJs are Dutch? Regularly, you’ll find them at mega-clubs and top venues like Chicago Social Club, Escape, AIR Amsterdam, and Radion. And if you’re a diehard, then you must visit Amsterdam in October for ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). It’s a citywide takeover! Nearly all clubs and bars in Amsterdam – along with international DJs and producers – put on the ultimate electronic music conference and festival.

Insider Tip: Enjoy access to Amsterdam’s best bars & nightclubs with the exclusive Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket – Get yours HERE!  It grants you 2 days unlimited access to 30+ clubs, nightlife experiences, special events, and welcome drinks for just €10.

Amsterdam Nightlife DJ Set

Let the Live Music Play

You’ve heard it before: life is like a box of chocolate. And that’s how Amsterdam is with music! Pop, r&b, hip-hop, reggae, soul, rock, and genres in between and way outside the box. Two popular favorites – Paradiso and Melkweg – routinely have incredible live shows from up and coming bands/singers, to the more established. Paradiso has two locations. You can either take the free ferry across to Paradiso Noord, or party in former church-turned music space that also has a balcony overlooking the crowd below. 

Melkweg – translated ‘Milkyway’ – used to be a dairy factory. Now, it hosts concerts and shows of every kind. Furthermore, the popular venue includes repeating club nights, a café, cinema, photo gallery, and theater. 


The Night Never Sleeps

If you’re still asking yourself: What’s on in Amsterdam tonight? Where to go out in Amsterdam? 

The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket lets you tailor and select your own Amsterdam nightlife experience – with most of the venues mentioned above! Based on availability, you can choose free entrance to special parties at your nightclub of choice, along with other events and activitiesSo no longer, are the random Sunday and Tuesday nights an issue – you have plans! On top of that, the Nightlife ticket comes with extras, including free welcome shots/drinks at clubs and bars. You can choose between a 2-day (€10) or 7-day (€20) ticket for the clubbing diehards. We welcome you and wish you, kickass night(s) in Amsterdam!

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