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Amsterdam Fashion Week

Amsterdam Fashion Week: RVDK @ Moco Museum

Amsterdam Fashion Week: RVDK @ Moco Museum

Amsterdam Fashion Week is upon us, and it’s ushering in a new wave of haute couture. 5 September marks the kick-off celebration with Ronald van der Kemp at Moco Museum! Earlier in June, the eco-couturier was awarded Grand Seigneur, which is the highest prize recognizing the exceptional contribution to fashion in the Netherlands. The AFW Opening transforms Moco into a revolutionary runway presentation of sustainable haute couture.

RVDK Fashion Show Moco Museum

Green is the new Black

In 2014 Van der Kemp founded RVDK, the World’s first sustainable haute couture house. What IS haute couture, you might ask? 100% handcrafted, high-end fashion.

Having worked 25+ years for big brands, he witnessed the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. As a result, he’s been eco-friendly before it was fashionable. What’s more, successfully making sustainability the DNA of his brand.


Ethical Fashion is Glamorous and Exciting!

RVDK is a trailblazer when it comes to new ethics in the luxury fashion industry. For example, he works with overstock and leftover existing fabrics, which make up 98% of his design pieces. Furthermore, he highlights local craftsmanship, by partnering with ateliers in Amsterdam to help create everything by hand. *One of his SS19 gowns was constructed entirely from Marcel Wanders’ leftover lampshade gauze! The Moco Garden exhibits Portrait and Tempter by Marcel Wanders, two masterworks that require your interaction and participation – book tickets here!

“Save the Date and Save the Planet”

Twice a year, RVDK presents seasonless and timeless ‘wardrobes’ at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. “I long for the days when…women would build up wardrobes that accentuated their personal style.” After all, at his fashion show, Celine Dion did say, “I’m freaking out; I want everything!” The Gerrit Rietveld Academy alum wants clothes to underline a woman’s strength and character. A statement that fits like a glove! Because the Ronald van der Kemp AFW Opening unites two strong female entrepreneurs, Kim Logchies (Moco Museum) and Danie Bles (Amsterdam Fashion Week).


An Inconvenient Truth

“Luxury brands are just as damaging to the environment as fast fashion companies, producing an overload of new clothes and products with an unmanageable carbon footprint.” Did you know that the fashion industry generates 4% of the world’s waste each year…that’s 92 MILLION TONS! Mother Earth is in a state of urgency! “It’s about real change, not sustainability as a marketing tool.”

The Future

RVDK initiates a bright future when he says, “we are fashion alchemists: we capture unused beautiful fragments and turn them into unique works of art. For the sake of beauty. For the sake of our planet.”

By showcasing the green possibilities of fashion, he proves that sustainability is sexy. As a visionary and game-changer, he ignites global awareness and our inner activist with a street art spirit. With force and finesse, RVDK disrupts the outdated traditions in the fashion industry. In the same fashion, Moco Museum redefines the visitor experience by providing visitors with experiential exhibitions. Moco also presents an unparalleled collection of subversive art from  Warhol, Haring, Basquiat & more to an international audience. The opening of Amsterdam Fashion Week (RVDK @Moco Museum) commemorates the union of these two radical players.




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