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Mon-Thu 09:00-19:00
Fri-Sun 09:00-20:00

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For more info about COVID-19 Measures, click here.

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13-17 year

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Audiotour (NL,EN,DE,FR,SP,IT) Free for Moco Members
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Q-Park Byzantium

Coming by car? For €25,- instead of €55,- you get a day ticket at Q-Park!

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Education & Groups


Planning an (educational) group visit? The more the merrier!

(Student) Groups of 16 adults or more pay €12 per ticket.

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Are there extra measurements because of COVID-19 (the Coronavirus)?

Yes, these are the most important measurements you need to know before your visit:

  1. Face masks are not mandatory in the museum. However, we do have small spaces in the museum, so we do recommend wearing it.
  2. It is not mandatory to keep a minimum of 1.5 metres distance from other people.
  3. You don’t need proof of a negative PCR-test or vaccination.
  4. Cloakroom is temporarily closed

Can I change the date/timeslot of my visit?
Via this link, you can easily change the date/timeslot – even on the day itself. *Have your ticket number ready. (only for tickets purchased through our own site).

I have booked a ticket on a partner site without a timeslot. How can I book a time slot?
Click here and select partner ticket and choose your date and time slot. Please, bring both tickets with you to the museum and they’ll be scanned at the entrance.

I have an I Amsterdam Card. How can I book a time slot?
Click here and select a I Amsterdam card and choose your date and time slot. Please, bring the ticket and your valid pass to the museum, where they’ll be scanned at the entrance.

I have a stadspas. How can I book a time slot?
Click here and select stadspas and choose your date and time slot. Please, bring the ticket and your valid pass to the museum, where they’ll be scanned at the entrance.

Can I enter the museum earlier/later than my designated timeslot?
If you arrive at the start of your timeslot, your entrance is guaranteed. There is a 20-minute margin of entry for each timeslot. If you arrive at a different time, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter Moco Museum (immediately).

I have a Moco Boat Tout ticket, where is the departure point?
Click here for the departure point of the Moco Boat tour

I missed the boat!
Call 020 225 2837 to explain your situation.
No answer? Aks the captain if you can join on the next boat!

Is the ‘Museumkaart’ valid in your museum?
Unfortunately, it’s not :(. We are a privately-owned museum and therefore unaffiliated with the Museumkaart.

Is the ‘ICOM’ card valid in your museum?
Just like the Museumkaart, this is unfortunately not the case.

Do you have air conditioning?
Yes, we do, you can stay cool 🙂

Is the admission included with the I Amsterdam card or stadspas?
Yes, it is! But don’t forget to reserve your time slot first before your visit.

Is my dog allowed in the museum?
We love dogs, but with the exception of registered service dogs with a suitable harness, they are not allowed inside the museum.

Do you have any job openings?
We just might! For current job openings, please go here.

Am I allowed to take pictures in the museum?
It is allowed to take pictures in Moco Museum only if it does not slow visitor flow.

How do I stay informed of new developments at Moco?
By signing up for a free Moco membership at the bottom of this page.

Can I book the museum as a venue for an event?
You sure can. Click here for more information about your options.

Can I buy a ticket at the museum?
Yes! You can purchase a ticket at Moco Museum entrance, but tickets are sold out often on the day itself. Therefore we advise to purchase your tickets in advance online.

Is one ticket valid for all exhibitions?
Yes, your ticket provides access to all exhibitions. If there is only one exhibition available, ticket prices are reduced accordingly.

Can I store luggage or strollers during my visit?
Sadly, there’s no space for trolleys, luggage, or strollers/baby carriages of any kind. We kindly advise making use of the luggage storage service at Museumplein/Museumsquare just 125 meters from the Moco Museum. Read more about this on the website of Lockerpoint Luggage Storage.

Is the museum accessible for wheelchair users?
Unfortunately, it’s not. The historic Villa Alsberg that houses our museum has lots of stairs and no lifts, making it inaccessible for wheelchair users. For that reason, they can enter the main floor for free.


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