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Banksy in Amsterdam at Moco Museum

Anonymous. British. Street art. Need we say more? Banksy is one of the most influential artists of our time. Next to that, the elusive street artist has developed an iconic body of work that carries a political punch. The street artist/activist uses satire and dark humor to unpack topics like anti-war, anti-authority, and environmental and socio-political issues. 

As a result, Banksy’s heavy impact on this world unites art lovers. Moreover, the street artist’s work connects our collective consciousness. Banksy is a living example that art can change the world. 

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” – Banksy

Moco Celebrates Banksy in the Museum

Wondering where you can see Banksy art in Amsterdam? Then, head over to Moco Museum on Museumplein! Moco is dedicated to embracing the voice of the streets because those voices are the great effectors of change. 

Laugh Now is an unauthorized Banksy exhibition in Amsterdam. Uniquely, the exhibition joins authenticated artworks made by Banksy for the indoor art market. In detail, many of the works come from private collections and collectors that would otherwise remain unseen. The Laugh Now exhibition is curated to give visitors an encyclopedic overview of the anonymous street artist’s diversity in skill, technique, and use of material. Moco Museum furthermore highlights popular themes and significant symbols throughout Banksy’s oeuvre. A visit to Moco marries your Banksy and Museum experience – right in the heart of Amsterdam.

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Banksy Amsterdam Street Art

In 2016, Moco Museum added Heart Boy to its collection. Never before has authentic Banksy street art been showcased in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the piece – weighing over 2,000 kg – is exhibited in the Moco Garden for everyone to see and enjoy for free. 

Like many street artworks by Banksy, their fate is uncertain. Heart Boy which first appeared on a building in London was saved from demolition in 2009 and subsequently conserved. Visitors can actually still see the remaining wall socket on its reverse. 

“Graffiti is just a form of protest art and it has more truth than most of what’s going on in the art world.” – Banksy 

Pride of Place

Heart Boy speaks to our Moco hearts. As the life-size boy paints a pink heart on the brick wall, he bears his soul in an expression of love and hope. This heart appears in many other indoor works by Banksy, such as Girl with Balloon and Kids on Guns, which are also exhibited in Moco Museum. 

Furthermore, Banksy prominently featured a variation of the street art in his book “Wall and Piece”. Additionally, the stencil of Heart Boy can also be found at different locations throughout London: Tottenham Court Road, Old Street, and Rivington Street in Shoreditch.

“Be positive, patient, and persistent.” – Banksy

Moco Welcome Home

Banksy first presented his remix of Old Master paintings along with 164 live rats in an exhibition titled, “Crude Oils” (2005) in Notting Hill, London. The show featured tainted Monet and Van Gogh replicas overpainted with twisted satires.

The Crude or Corrupted Oil Series in detail features found or preexisting paintings upon which Banksy updates by painting contemporary contexts. A superior example by Banksy in the Netherlands is Home Sweet Home. The aggressive lettering shows that the artist wasted no time to communicate the illusion of, “Home Sweet Home”.  

Moco Museum’s collection of modern and contemporary art is housed in the historic Villa Alsberg from 1904. Notably,  Home Sweet Home is one of the first pieces you see when visiting. you visit. 

Who’s Laughing Now?

Banksy uses monkeys to remark on what’s hilarious and hypocritical about being human. In the Banksy exhibition Laugh Now, monkeys communicate a dark message. Perhaps monkeys parallel Banksy’s rising journey as a street artist – from alleyways to museums? Before, his art was regarded as nothing more than vandalism with style in a world where there were rules, boundaries, and strict definitions of art. Now, street art has arrived and Banksy is the most recognized street artist in the world. 

So who’s laughing now? 

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“I want to live in a world created by art, not just decorated with it.” – Banksy

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