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Yoshitomo Nara's Puff Marshie Has Arrived

Like a cloud fallen from the sky, Puff Marshie has landed in the Moco Museum garden. Despite the sculpture’s simplicity, the works of its creator – Japanese contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara – are bursting with culture and personality. Nara teaches us how a single artwork can tell a life’s story, so let’s dive into the mind behind the latest work acquired by Moco Museum Amsterdam.

A Glimpse into the Mind of Yoshitomo Nara

From Japanese manga, Aesop’s fables and Disney to punk rock and childhood memories – Nara’s creative vision is fuelled by a steady flow of stories and fairy tales.

Growing up on the Japanese island of Honshu, Nara found a portal to Western 60s and 70s music through a homemade radio: strange, faraway voices from the other side of the globe found the young Nara up late at night or hanging out in abandoned warehouses. In solitude, Nara found intimacy, connection and inspiration.

After leaving Japan at the age of 28, Nara continued his artistic education at the Düsseldorf art academy in Germany. Here, dark nights reminded him of his childhood, pulling him into a nostalgic conversation with his seven year old self. Later, he returned to Japan and built on this inner dialogue through his work, creating in total isolation.

A Closer Look at the Sculptural Wonder of Puff Marshie

An introspective, gentle soul with a love for alone time and chocolate – Nara’s personality shines through the subtle, curvy form of Puff Marshie. It is a nostalgic, alluring reanimation of a cherished past that asks us to remember the simple joys of childhood.

And yet, Nara’s sculptures and sketches are more than pure softness and cuteness. The scale of the Puff Marshie head – 300 x 300 x 150 cm – as well as its blank white finish and captivating eyes give the sculpture a striking edge. The spirit of youth is bright eyed, mischievous and awake.

Moco Museum: The New Home of Puff Marshie

Come and behold this stunning example of Japanese contemporary art in the Moco Museum Garden in Amsterdam. Standing proud amongst other iconic sculptures, Puff Marshie will carry you to the depths of Nara’s memories and the heights of his artistic vision. What’s more, our garden is free, so be sure to check it out as you pass by!

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