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Meet the Icons and Rising Stars of Modern & Contemporary Art. Moco Masters celebrates artists, who we believe, stand out for their exceptional contribution to art, culture, and the world at large. Modern and contemporary art that inspires us to question the world and hope for a better future.

In cycles of reference and inspiration, each Moco Master has been triggered by another: Basquiat, Haring, Banksy, Kusama, Warhol. In turn, they have inspired countless generations - the web never ends. Anywhere you turn, there’s no going around them. With international impact, Moco Masters have found their way into homes and museums worldwide, a testament to their enduring significance.
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Modern Masters

The Modern Masters have inspired countless generations and united art lovers around the world. Each master is celebrated for having a unique vision. They seize their moment in time to reflect and envision the future. Daring to change our world, they create work that becomes timeless. With global impact, Moco Modern Masters have found their way into homes and museums worldwide.

They have shaped our collective consciousness - their names, art, and ideas are integrated into our everyday lives. Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Yayoi Kusama, the list goes on. All Icons.

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Moco Contemporary

Moco Contemporary artists are the next generation of masters, making their mark now. As the voices of tomorrow, their art engages our inner activist, activates our experience, and empowers us to lead with love. Moco Contemporary artists challenge the norm and move us to self-reflect and question the world around us.

Moco Contemporary artists impact our surroundings, from politics and the environment to society and pop culture - they’re not just joining the game, they’re changing it.

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Before your visit, we advise you to reserve a date and time slot. Moco Museum has a limited number of tickets available per time slot. In this way, we can ensure the best experience for you! Thank you for trusting in us and art.

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