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Artwork Refik MH Mars Collectors Edition



the New FuTure

NFT, Amsterdam



Europe's first dedicated museum space to the NFT phenomenon.

the New FuTure

A unique digital art exhibition based on blockchain technology. You might wonder – what is NFT art? The exhibit features a selection of rare art NFTs in Amsterdam & Barcelona. Moco is one of the first museums in the world to share NFT art with the public in this way.

*This is an evolving exhibition that involves different collectors and artworks that highlight the changing landscape of NFTs. Frequently changes.

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RFC x Moco

The RFC Art Collection is a cross-disciplinary art collection founded in 2011 by Pablo Rodríguez-Fraile, mathematician, blockchain investor, and founder of Aorist, and Desiree Cassoni, architect and designer.

RFC Art Collection, now with +2,000 pieces, goes beyond mere commercial impulse: this dynamic project aims to work individually and comprehensively with every artist, whether in the traditional or digital realm, to support and facilitate their access and immersion into novel artistic methods that propel their vision through their entire creative careers.

Moco x RFC - currently on display in the New FuTure exhibition - features twelve new digital art pieces by forward-thinking artists creating at the edge of art and technology. Experience the New FuTure in Amsterdam!

About NFT's

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are crypto-assets that record the ownership of digital items. NFTs are unique and rare items that cannot be easily reproduced. Even though anyone can view or download them, only the buyer can claim ownership.

Digital Art in Amsterdam

Previously, the New FuTure launched in collaboration with one of the world’s most prominent collectors of blockchain art 33NFT, an anonymous collector, pioneer, and radical curator in the evolving field of NFTs.

The New FuTure exhibition in Amsterdam – curated by Moco Museum – included work by artists such as Andrés Reisinger, Daniel Arsham, WhIsBe, Mad Dog Jones, FEWOCiOUS, Blake Kathryn, Beeple, and Vexx.

Beeple is an originator of the "everyday" movement in 3D graphics.
He created a digital artwork every day for the last thirteen years titled, Everydays — The First Five Thousand Days. Provoking our traditional ways of thinking with apocalyptic visions, Beeple’s digital masterpiece sold for $69 million - shattering all fixed ideas about art.

is a Belgian contemporary artist and viral sensation who created Moon - a unique NFT and physical sculpture that adjusts in real-time according to the changing prices of cryptocurrency. Moon was even realized into an exclusive sweater between Moco x FOUR for Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Artists in this exhibition

Artwork - Beeple - Into the Ether


Contemporary digital artist, North Charleston

Ams - Museum - Daniel Arsham - Eroded Patches

Daniel Arsham

Contemporary artist, NYC

Ams - Artwork - WhisBe - Vandal Gummy


Contemporary artist, NYC

Artwork - MDJ - Visor

Mad Dog Jones

Contemporary digital artist, Thunder Bay

Ams - Artwork - Vexx - Moon


Contemporary digital artist, Brussels

Artwork Trevor Jones Bitcoin Bull

Trevor Jones

Contemporary digital artist, UK

Screenshot 2023 01 10 at 13 40 36


Contemporary digital artist, Unknown

Artwork - Kjetil Golid - Mint - 1

Kjetil Golid

Contemporary digital artist, Trondheim

Artwork - Anna Ridler - Anno Oxypetalum

Anna Ridler

Contemporary digital artist, London

Artwork - Dmitri Cherniak - A breath of fresh pearls

Dmitri Cherniak

Contemporary digital artist, NYC

Artwork - Sofia Crespo - [transmutation_of_species]

Sofia Crespo

Contemporary digital artist, Lisbon

Artwork Refik MH Mars Collectors Edition

Refik Anadol

Contemporary digital artist, LA

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