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Nature Reimagined by Six N. Five

Using Digital to Expand the Boundaries of Our World

The Symphony of Nature
is the new exhibition now open at Moco Museum Amsterdam. Through several pieces from his most recent collection, Argentinian artist Ezequiel Pini (also known as Six N. Five) immerses his viewer into a crisp, clean, modern aesthetic, guiding them to experience a visual symphony occurring between the digital and natural worlds. Inspired by nature’s elements, cycles and imagery; expressed through the latest 3D technology and CGI – The Symphony of Nature demonstrates the limitless potential of digital art as a visual language to imagine and reimagine nature as we know it.

What to expect?
This mind-expanding exhibition will carry you through a visionary world poised between reality and dreams. By representing fluid elements as solid forms, Ezequiel Pini creates shimmering, aesthetic windows into a world ruled by a counter-intuitive, dream logic. Immerse yourself in digital sketches of a ‘reality’ held just outside the laws of physics, and prepare to surrender to the unexpected as familiar landscapes morph into dreamscapes.

Pini’s moving visual stories take natural elements – sky, water, sun – as characters, and set them off in a divine dance that pays tribute to the ultimate designer: Nature herself. The series of stills and videos allows the artist to play with the effects of motion, illustrating that digital art is by no means an urban concept, but a powerful medium to achieve harmony between the human creative spirit and the natural forms of our environment.

Moco is proud to display this breathtaking union of natural and artificial, and warmly invites you to visit. Leave reality at the door, and let yourself be transported to worlds reimagined - Book tickets now!