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Icy & Sot Refugees Are Welcome

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day (20 June) is a campaign started by the United Nations. The international day was established in 2000 to educate the public and activate involvement. In doing so, it is the UN’s hope to shed light on a global problem. World Refugee Day acts as a springboard for awareness, and similarly, Moco Museum believes there’s a power in art to inform and expand thought. For this reason, Moco Museum is giving away a limited edition giclee print, Giving Plant by Icy & Sot.

Icy & Sot made the print after working with Movement On The Ground – a revolutionary organization that is setting a new blueprint for humanitarian help worldwide. All the proceeds from the print are donated to buying plants and flowers to improve the dignity of the refugee population in Lesvos, Greece.

Icy & Sot

Icy (1985) & Sot (1991) are artists, brothers and refugees from Tabriz, Iran. Since 2006 the duo has been challenging ideologies and serving as the intervention within their own oppressive society. Like Banksy, their street art surrounds themes of human rights, capitalism, social and political issues. Though they live in Brooklyn, NY, their journey was not in vain. The brothers can no longer return to Iran. Because of this, they dedicate their lives to creating art that draws attention to the global refugee crisis. It is through their art that they hope to communicate a world free of borders, war and violence.

Icy & Sot Refugees Are Welcome

Moment of Clarity

Last year, Icy & Sot had their first solo exhibition, A Moment of Clarity at Moco Museum. Alas, the cultural forces reunite with Movement On The Ground to raise awareness for World Refugee Day. Did we tap into the activist within? If you’d like to support World Refugee Day, then please, make a donation to Movement On The Ground when purchasing your tickets to Moco Museum. Your kindness is appreciated.

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